Hass NFC - Control Home Assistant with NFC tags


Hm that sounds interesting. Since I can’t root my phone, would it be ‘reproducible’ to have a normal phone with the screen on, and scan a tag with a specific setting that requires fingerprint auth? I’ll have to see if I can make a little pop-up that prompts you to do this. Not sure if this works if your screen is not on in your case though…

I’ll put it on my list. Hopefully I can come up with something nice for you.


Sounds like a cool use case!


The rooted scenario I don’t think needs to be addressed at all. It’s totally sufficient to have normal phone, screen on/unlocked, and upon successful scan the app prompt the fingerprint popup. The fingerprint popup I think is built-in to Android – same one used by bank logins, cash apps, etc.

Like this:

Here’s a random link I found regarding adding to app (hope it helps): https://medium.com/commencis/integrate-fingerprint-authentication-into-your-android-apps-dcb977b2e846


Ah yes, finally someone that accepts the possibility of rooting their phone. I wasn’t going to mention it explicitly…every time I mention rooting to people they brush me off :man_shrugging:

Anyways, not sure if simply rooting will grant you this, or if it’s a simple settings change. For me, it’s a built-in setting in Superman Rom for Galaxy S7 G930F. Perhaps you can find a patch somewhere, or a rom to use.


Cheers, that should help me for sure! I’m hoping to look into it tomorrow. Hopefully it works with an Android emulator so I don’t have to use my phone all the time.

I’ll keep you guys posted!


I’m glad to test, lemme know.

Thanks btw!!


I have just pushed Hass NFC 1.1.0 to the Play Store. In this release I’ve added basic fingerprint protection, and started working on translations. For now I’ve added Dutch (since it’s my main language). If you would like to see Hass NFC in your own language please let me know so you can help me translate.

To get the fingerprint protection to work, you will have to write the tag again. Sorry about that, but I couldn’t think of a better solution. There’s a switch you can enable for both write and advanced write. Only Hass NFC 1.1.0 and higher will read the extra setting. Older versions of the app will simply ignore it.

Let me know what you guys think! It might not look that great right now, but I can finish that later. I didn’t manage to get only a dialog to pop up, it always has a white page behind it for some reason. I hope that’s something I can fix later on.

I’ve been able to test it on Android 8 and 9 only, so if you happen to have Android 6-7 I’d like to know if it works. Android 5 and lower will not support the fingerprint detection.

edit: Just uploaded 1.1.1 with improved Dutch translations.


ralfaro, Klagio Let me know what you guys think if you get the chance to try it out this weekend. :slight_smile:


It works! Used it today :sunglasses: I do have a suggestion though. On the fingerprint screen, add a cancel button and/or allow the phone’s back button to cancel and leave that screen.


Good to hear it works. That’s indeed a good idea. I’ll work on that.


Looks like a great App! I would like to help you translate the app into the German language.
If you are interested I will be glad to help you :slightly_smiling_face:


Great, thanks! Could you send me a PM with an email address I can reach you on? I will then send a file you can translate. I hope you don’t mind working in an XML file. Shouldn’t be too difficult though. :wink:


If I do not need the fingerprint can I use the tag as they were before (basicaly do nothing)?


The default value for ‘old’ tags is no NFC authentication. So your existing tags should work just fine.


Just released Hass NFC 1.1.2 with German translations thanks to @FrozenFinn ! No further changes for those that don’t speak German. :stuck_out_tongue: