Hass NFC - Control Home Assistant with NFC tags


I’ve just pushed Hass NFC 1.1.3 to the store. There now is a cancel button for the fingerprint authentication.

Also starting tomorrow (25th of December) I will have a sale until the end of the year. The app will then cost 0.99USD instead of 1.99USD. For those on the fence of using the app this might be welcome.

The sale is also to thank everyone helping me with testing and giving ideas. Have a great Christmas and new year!


ok, really interesting this?
so , with my samsung smartwatch that also has NFC, i can control switches in Home Assistant?
for example, i place a NFC tag on my door, so i can arm/disarm my alarm system with my samsung smart watch? or does it needs to be an android smartphone?


it works very well with a smartphone: you can send any service you like like arm/disarm.

Edit for disarm you need to be able to send the code


ok, now i have read this thread, HASS NFC is a tool for androind only
is there also a tool forl samsung devices that run Tizen ? like my samsung smart watch ?


There is not as far as I know. It indeed requires an Android phone. I was looking at Android Wear, but it seems that’s only for Google Pay. I don’t own anything with Tizen, so I have no idea if that’s possible.


ok, probably not possible for tizen, accoriding to some threads on samsung forums
seems only for samsung pay
but anyway, gonna play with my android then :slight_smile:


btw, is there also some kind of development, so we can place an NFC reader, thats connected with HA, therefore you can make a request with a badge? , so you dont need the android phone ?


I bought this: its key plus tag reader, I am at the beginning to integrate it (not even mounted). For sure will work for opening my electric gate (with code OR with tag). Not sure how this can be integrated in HASS.

It uses the Wiegand interface (apparentrly the standard), but I do not know if/how to integrate it, maybe attaching a ESP8266 to it?

Or Arduino


ok, interesting, thnx for info


maybe this


Found solution, pretty cool and cheap. I was looking for a numeric pad/tag to disarm my alarm, this will do. I ordered it :slight_smile:


ok, i think those readers/boards always need a power source, probably not battery powered


yes they need 12V DC

I found this too very cool, and should have the space for the ESP-RFID board inside (see third picture)



check this thread,
i can power the relay somewhere, and place an wireless reader in the house, battery sourced, should that work you think ?


the link does not opoen. But check this, it has all you want


ok, thats even more interesting, i aldreay have zigbee, not zwave, maybe that also excists in zigbee


So runs HAss NFC in background, or do you need to start it manually after a reboot?


reboot of the phone? I think it starts automatically


Ok good to know, well ordered some tags, let’s find out… To read the tag the first time, this needs to be done in the app right? Then fill-in the name of the script


It doesn’t run at all when not used. Android will trigger the app once it detects a NFC tag you’ve written to. You have to do that via the app indeed.