Hass NFC - Control Home Assistant with NFC tags


What a great app, my original plan was to integrate NFC in to Hassio using Tasker, but this is a way better solution. My NFC tags arrived today and I just bought the app, now I have a cheap garage door opener.

There was a question earlier in this thred about using a Samsung smartwatch to trigger the NFC tags. I have no idea, but maybe that can be achived using Tasker on the Android phone and TaskS2 app on Tizen? I use TaskS2 on my Galaxy Watch to trigger Tasker tasks that trigger events in Hassio.


cool, i was the guys asking for tizen, interesting! :slight_smile:
my tags arrive tomorrow
but i think the problem remains on tizen, that the NFC chip on the samsung can only be used for samsung PAY only, nothing else, but its worth a shot


Aaa…I see, I didn’t know that. But if you are interested in trigger Hassio using your smartwatch I recommend checking out Tasker and TaskS2, but it would be alot easier using NFC tho…

@ Gerben321
What exactly is stored on the NFC tag? Is there any security issues leaving one NFC tag outside to trigger my garage doors, is it possible to read whats on the tag and somehow use that information?


On the tag the service you store is written. So for example light.kitchen with a value of “ON”. So if you use another app to read the tag you will find out what the tag should do. However, the Hass NFC app is needed to actually call the action to your HASS.


yes! very cool app. I puit a tag in front of every external door: open the phone, put it close to the tag, and zac the doors magically open.

I am just wondering if it is worth it to root the phone, so no need to unlock the phone first


Thanks for the kind words guys! Happy you’re enjoying my app! :slight_smile:


Hope for an IOS version! ( or help convincing wife switching from Ios to Android , but I think doing the app it’s easier :wink:)


iOS doesn’t support this right now I believe (or has that been fixed?). I also don’t own iDevices and it’s proxy to create apps there unfortunately.


Maybe a stupid question, but what is written on the NFC? The complete URL and ha token? So in other words, anyone that reads the tag, can activate the script?

Or is it linked with the Android device where the app is installed on? And no one else can use it


The app on the device stores the token and URL. The token only saves the action that gets called. So for example light.kitchen with action toggle. You can download another app to read the tag to see the complete data if you want.


Ok good , so no one else can do anything with the tag


That’s right.


Hi Gerben,

I just wondered why your app is still listed as “Unreleased” on Google Play store. Can you please explain what is holding you back from an official release?

Also, there isn’t a trial before you buy option?




No reason actually. Thanks for bringing it up, I wanted to do it when I was certain it was stable enough, but since I’m not getting any reports I might as well do it now.

Is a trial something I have to enable? I haven’t seen it in my Play Store dashboard.

Anyway, I’ll make it officially released now!


Thanks for making it an official release. That’s considerably more reassuring than seeing “unreleased” before making a purchase.

As for offering a trial, I’ve seen different ways of doing it. One is to make the default install free, limited in some way - such as only allowing 1 NFC to be paired. Then with an “in-app purchase”, you can get the full app with no limitation and no re-install required.

There is also an interesting “Google Play Instant” feature that allows you to stream an app for free for a limited time, allowing users to test it out before making a purchase.


for some buyers maybe. I can confirm it works perfectly, no need to trial too much

Just wish it had a minor integration: beside the toast message, also a sound for success (or unsuccess) operation


Thanks, I’ve seen the Instant feature before, but never looked into it. Might be interesting to check out some time.

I’m afraid I can’t switch between paid and free, or maybe once, so I’m not sure if that’s still an option for now. But a limited featureset as a trial sure sounds like a good idea.

Then again, you can directly refund the app if you don’t like it within a few days on Google Play I believe.


Sorry, I thought a trial was a setting for Google Play.

A sound is still on my list! I just hope it doesn’t interfere with the default NFC sound that phones play. But sure, that’s still on my list. Does anyone know of some sources for simple sounds that are royalty free?


maybe even an option of a popup would be coool. The problem with toast is that it goes away very fast and characters are small, not a good option to tell you whats going on. I use your app in my car (nfc tag attached to the sunscreen), so I really can’t (shouldn’t) check the toast

For royaltee free maybe check this



For me, having a trial was much more about if I would find NFC-tags actually useful versus any concern about the app working properly, or its cost.

I was thinking about putting a tag on the Zwave front door lock and the myQ garage door, so I could just open with a tap of the phone. But given the phone has to be unlocked first, is that really any better than pushing a few buttons on the exterior lock keypad?

I was also going to put an NFC sticker in the car’s phone holder, but now that Android Auto automatically starts when it connects to the car’s bluetooth (which I like), then I’m not sure what else I could do with it in the car.

Maybe I’ll put one on the phone charger by the bed to run some night-time security routine. But I already can do that with Google voice command.

So what are others here in this forum finding a great use for Hass-NFC automation?