Hassapp: An alternative iOS app to empower your HA

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Me too please


I’ll help out where I can :slight_smile:


I’m interested looks good


Count me in. Looks interesting :slight_smile:


I’d be happy to test this. I’m presuming it will run fine alongside the official iOS app?


Is this in flutter?

HA Client app its great for Android. I red that since is in flutter is easily portable to IOS


I’d love to try it out! Count me in.


Damn, that looks like a nice app! Count me in.


Looks great. I would like to help too.


I’m too an ios dev and would love to help out a bit. And be part of a beta. Will the project be open source at some point?


Sure, I’m keen.


I’m supporting region tracking which implies the use of iBeacons and GPS. :+1:


Sure, with this app I’m not pretending to replace the current companion app, but have it as an alternative.


The minimum version is iOS 12.0. :ok_hand:


Still not supporting the latest betas, didn’t have time to catch up with them. Looking forward to doing it though.


it’s not Flutter but purely native Swift code :stuck_out_tongue:.


That’s something I have thought about but I don’t think it will happen in the short term (I’d rather have an stable release before that)




Those who are interested in trying the beta but didn’t send me a DM, do it so! :wind_face:


you can sign me in too