HASSIO 0.55 problems input_sliders stopped working no logger no history no recorder

I recently update HASSIO 0.54 to 0.55 and got a bucket full of errors.
my input_sliders stopped working
no recorder
no logging
no history.

I can live with the logging and recorder but it killed my sliders which worked from homeassistant 0.35, so it can’t be a typoo so what is broken?

Input sliders have been renamed to input_number, and there have been changes to the recorder component (and history and logging depend on recorder).

It’s a good idea to take a look at the breaking changes before upgrading:

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O thanks a lot, I’ll check it out hope this will restore my HASS.

Short question, why, why fix something that works? Now if this is the solution. It means I have to reprogramm all my sliders?
Can’t see the bennefit.

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Why did you upgrade? Why upgrade something that works?

Same reasoning likely, changes are needed to move forward and improve compatibility and options.

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Actually I am scre… I am a noob at programming and I used a scripped from a member to automate my lighting, and now I can dump hassio cause I can’t put it right, too complicated.

Thanks a lot for changing the sliders. It killed my HASS!

example how do I recode this?

  • alias: ‘auto_light_on enabled’

    platform: state
    entity_id: input_slider.auto_light_minutes, input_slider.auto_light_duration


    • service: homeassistant.turn_on
      - automation.auto_light_on

    • service: homeassistant.turn_on

      - automation.auto_light_off

It’s really not hard to do a search and replace all on input_slider to input_number. That’s basically all you need to do for this.

and this:

  • platform: template
    friendly_name: ‘Lights on at’
    value_template: ‘{{ (as_timestamp(states.sun.sun.attributes.next_setting) + (states(“input_slider.auto_light_minutes”) | int) * 60) | timestamp_custom("%H:%M") }}’
    friendly_name: ‘Lights out at’
    value_template: ‘{{ ( as_timestamp(states.sun.sun.attributes.next_setting) + (states(“input_slider.auto_light_minutes”) | int) * 60 + (states(“input_slider.auto_light_duration”) | float) * 60 * 60 ) | timestamp_custom("%H:%M") }}’
    friendly_name: 'Lights on ’
    value_template: ‘{{ “%d minutes after sunset” | format(states(“input_slider.auto_light_minutes”) | int) }}’
    friendly_name: ‘Lights on for’
    value_template: ‘{{ “%0.1f hours” | format(states(“input_slider.auto_light_duration”) | float) }}’
    friendly_name: ‘Day/Night’
    value_template: ‘{% if is_state(“sun.sun”, “above_horizon”) %}Op{% else %}Onder{% endif %}’
    icon_template: ‘{% if is_state(“sun.sun”, “above_horizon”) %}mdi:weather-sunny{% else %}mdi:weather-night{% endif %}’

how do I do a full search over all my yaml files

What method do you use to edit your yaml files? Most text editors support a search/replace function.

Depends on what you’re using as an editor. Personally I like Atom. But most editors have a menu that has a find and replace function.

Samba and notepad++

But maybe should my question be how to revert to the previous version?

OK sliders recoded and they work.

Now for the logging and the history.

Take a read through the breaking changes for every release you update to. Under recorder is what you need to do:

Personally, I would keep upgrading every 2 weeks, just read the release notes first. This will help you to learn as you go and it’s easier to manage the breaking changes for 1 release at a time than for 10.

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I agree with your logic for updating, however, I always stay behind a week or so to let any bugs get worked out and any .1 .2 releases to come. After a week it generally seems like things get worked out.

Well to answer your remark Jer, it is a hurdle to update, why fix it when it is working, everytime I do an update something turns out broken and it always takes a lot of effort to replace rcode refix things, and many SD card died, because off the rewriting and rewriting!
So I don’t like updating and I guess a lot of noobs don’t like it either.
If you understand what it is doing where things are done, and how to alter it and you can dream these things you laugh and start the update, but I and many others just like continuety and stability.

Same with the fixes you have to find the topic in the forum where the errors are fixed by wonderfull people like you and the others that help noobs, but that can be quite a challenge.

Short answer… ha ha

@jayjay I get it! I was a noob about a year ago too and understand the pain. What I do is make a copy of my entire config directory every 2 weeks at least and file it in a folder named the current version. Then I upgrade to the latest and work on fixing all the breaking changes in my YAML. Sometimes, it does require a bit of work for sure. If I find there’s too much “broken”, I revert to the previous version and reload the old config.

Not to discourage you, but HA is definitely a bit of a beast right now and probably will be that way for the foreseeable future. The updates come every 2 weeks or more often for emergency fixes and it’s basically all coding you have to do. There is efforts on the front end for editing scripts and automations but it’s going to be a long way off before all the kinks are worked out and you don’t have to edit YAML files. If you wait for several versions, you’ll find yourself quickly behind and it’s even more of a barrier to get over to upgrade. So you kinda have 2 choices, build the functionality you want all in a short time frame then stay at that version for a long time, or resolve to build every 2 weeks to a month and learn along the way. Trust me, it gets easier as you go.

Wish you all the best…and yeah, the community here is pretty awesome and will help along the way. The one thing that people will probably scold you for is not reading the breaking changes of that release and then asking the question why it’s broken. lol

Good luck!

Well manythings solved thanks, but one error remains my automated lights are dead too, no triggering from my pir sensors, so use the toilet in the dark… lol

Now I have to find if there is another update in sensor name or state trigger which makes this happen.

LOL. Can you post your config? And please use the </> code formatting button.

# ----- Motion sensor WC -------------------
- alias: WC_leds_aan
    - platform: state
      entity_id: sensor.bezet
      to: '1'

  # condition:
    # # only at night
    # - condition: state
      # entity_id: sun.sun
      # state: 'below_horizon'
    # # - condition: sun
      # # after: sunset
      # # # Optional offset value
      # # after_offset: "0:10:00"
    - service: homeassistant.turn_on
      entity_id: switch.wcledstrip

- alias: WC_leds_uit
    - platform: state
      entity_id: sensor.bezet
      to: '0'
        minutes: 5
        seconds: 0
    - service_template: homeassistant.turn_off
      entity_id: switch.wcledstrip

always worked just ended with the new update, nothing fancy just straight sensor trigger and activate