Hassio 2nd HDD not available

I have hassio installed (standard install) on a NUC, it has 2 drives, a 120GB m.2 SSD and a 500GB HDD.
I’d like to install InfluxDB and think it would be better with its data on the (unused) HDD. Not sure how to present the HDD to HA so its usable.
In fact in Supervisor it shows nothing under “disk:” at all.

Is this a Docker thing? Any help to use the HDD would be appreciated, thanks.

It’s not a docker thing, it’s a HassOS thing. If you want to use your second HDD, you will have to switch from Home Assistant OS to Home Assistant Supervised.

grrrr, ok, thanks for the pointer.

11/2021 still the same? Or is it possible to use 2 or more hdd ins hass os?

Same question here. Want to use my second HDD for Samba:) is it possible as of May 2022?

I would love to find this answer as well… I use a NUC and I have a SSD and a HDD, how can I mount or browse that HDD ? :frowning:

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Add me to the list of curious. I have Hassio on M.2 drive with additional SSD planned for some Frigate storage. Not sure how to mount or best practice for partitioning.