Hassio INSIDE of Hassio after setting up panel_iframe

I wanted to place an Automations tab into my panel_iframe. But for Automations and other components that do not use a port number, I get redirected to the login page without actually leaving Hass, see image.

I am sorry I am brand new to everything and I couldn’t get the preformatted text to behave. However, my indentations are accurate, as off as they may appear here. My configuration.yaml reads:

    title: Automation
    icon: mdi:android-auto
    url: https://xxxx.duckdns.org:8123/config/automation

Configurator and Node-Red work fine, they are not visible in my writeup because my first post to Hass-Community does not allow more than “2 links”. Automation is the bugger. Of what I have read so far, the https component may not like trying to load directly into my automation config without recertifying because the automation portion of hassio is considered http? If I log into that second screen, I will have a double instance of Hassio that is immediately pointed to “Automation”.

I tried for days to find the right permutation of words to locate this problem elsewhere. Thanks to anyone who can help.

Did you get this working?

I did not. Ended up moving almost all automations to Node Red shortly after this post was made. Sorry.