Hassio Micro SD move to SSD, Berryboot, Raspbian X/OS ,Docker install

Am complete NOOB and am just dabbling on HASSIO.I have a full Micro Sd card install, which ties up the whole PI.Did setup a Google Drive Snapshot backup…So is this possible ?
Like to run Berry Boot and OS like Raspbian X on SSD (looks like Windows) but install CURL docker for Hassio (like App) but then user my orginal Google Drive snapshot to reinstall my Configs to the Hassio docker and other setups i have refined.
Also over clock to 2Ghz CPU and 600 GPU.Basically get more from RPI4B.I have the approaite cooling fan.

Welcome :slight_smile:

What does this mean? What installation do you already have set up? I assume you mean Home Assistant as Hass.io no longer exists

If you have a snapshot, you can save/download this to your PC and restore to a version of Home Assistant that uses the supervisor.

Why? Are you using the Pi as a computer also?

If you want to use the Pi as a computer while also runing Home Assistant, you have 2 options.

  1. Install the OS of your choice, in your case, Raspbian X, and then install Home Assistant Core in a virtual environment.

  2. Install the OS of your choice, in your case, Raspbian X, and then install Home Assistant Core using docker.

In both of these cases, you will not have the Supervisor to run add-ons.

If you want the Supervisor, you will need to install Home Assistant OS to the Pi, and you will lose the ability to use it as a normal computer - it will run Home Assistant only.

Right , I see.Catch 22.Might move Hassio.io to RPI3 (dedicated) ,I have spare…and RPI4B is getting that much needed SSD upgrade and being used for pc OS.
Seen some cool videos this week Windows 10,Berryboot,Raspbian X OS and RPI update with O/C to 2GHZ.Hey thanks for the advice, saved me going off in a pointless direction.Thumbs up.!!!

No worries, happy to help.

Hass.io Home Assistant OS on your Pi3 would be the best solution. Hass.io no longer exists.