Hassio ! Not open!


I flash the downloaded image to an My SD card,
but i trun on HA: “IP:8123”,
It has been in this interface.

" Preparing Hass.io

(this can take up to 20 minutes) "

I just know a little bit of English.


It’s then downloading the actual versions of HA from the internet


I down img from "https://home-assistant.io/hassio/installation/"
it should be no problem!


Hi @EabeyTong, it’s is normal, it is downloading and installing everything home-assistant needs. Maybe this video will help, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWPluWcYRMI


but i waitting for about 2 hours:expressionless:


Which Raspberry Pi do you have?


Raspberry Pi 3


Thats weird, I don’t think it should take that long on a RPI 3, I don’t know what wrong, I’m sorry


it doesn’t matter,thanks.


I had the same problem, i rebooted the pi by pulling out the powercable. and then it worked.

hope it helps


i’ve tried it,but it’s the same. it maybe downing the Data


I’m having similar issue with HASS.IO install. I’ve been trying since this morning to get it install, but the install process does not move pass this point:

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 with a 16Gb class 10 SDcard


Maybe my network is poor, I need VPN network in China to open YouTube and Google, but I don’t have VPN. So downloading the required components may be slow, but it’s OK now.


Having the same issue, RPI3, 8 Gb class 10 San Disk (tried two different cards)
My network is fine, 100 MB fiber,


You don’t have to deal with it, wait for it to download the components, maybe it’s the server’s reason so it’s slow, that’s what I do


ok, I’ll leave it over night and check status in the morning.


at least now i know that im not alone. I already tried three sdcard thinking it was that; but so far no progress.


If you are in mainland of China, then… I am afraid you have to wait longer with no doubt. Based on my experience, when I tried to install HA with All-in-one, it took me almost half a day to finish. And…although I hate to say this, you need to be prepared for installation break-up because of poor internet.


So, I let the Hass.io setup run for the entire night and tried to access it this morning (hassio.local:8123) but no luck. I’m located in Sweden.


and now it worked. Installed on both a RPi1B and my RPi3 without problems. Must have been a problem with the download servers.