Hassio regular freezes after enabling bluetooth

I recently enabled bluetooth and the bluetooth component on my hassio install and since then have been seeing regular freezes (about once a day) where I cannot get HTTP or SSH access to my raspberry pi. This originally started to happen with 0.60.1 but is also happening with the latest 0.61.1

In the logs I see semi-regular errors saying

2018-01-20 18:25:44 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.core] Timer got out of sync. Resetting

And occasional failures to reach some HTTP services which I hadn’t noticed before.

I don’t seen any excessive RAM or CPU usage in the logs (from the system monitor component). It just seems that it stops working.

Has anyone seen this before? I’m thinking that maybe the bluetooth is somehow interfering with the WiFi on the card causing it to stop.

What bluetooth services are you using in hassio? There is has been a general problem on the Pi3 with using BLE (low energy bluetooth) for presence detection, but not basic bluetooth.

I’m running a Pi3 using the Bluetooth BCM43xx chip. I use the hassio addon to enable it and then the standard bluetooth tracker to run it

- platform: bluetooth_tracker
      track_new_devices: false
      interval_seconds: 15
      consider_home: 120

I’m running pretty much the same settings, although my Pi3 is not using wifi. With the .60 release of hassio, I found I was getting a lot fewer of the timer sync errors.

I’ve disabled the bluetooth addon and the bluetooth tracker component and not had a freeze in the 3 days since. There is definitely something strange going on when it’s in use.

Check your power supply, is it 2.5A or more?

I have a 2.5A adapter as supplied with my PI3. I do have a z-wave USB stick too. Is it possible I would need a better power supply?

I think your PS is probably fine. I guess wifi could be impacting things. Do you have the option of switching to a regular ethernet connection?

Where I currently have the PI doesn’t have an ethernet connection. I could either move it for a test or put it through some powerline adapters to push ethernet to it’s current position

Same story goes for me. Enabled Bluetooth on Pi3 and started using it for tracking and experienced regular freezes. Disabled bluetooth and everything is fine. Also using Pi3 connected through wifi.

Can you try switching from Wifi to ethernet?

Sorry, but there is no cabled ethernet available at the place where the Pi3 is placed. Not even on the same floor.

I connected by LAN.
Don’t use OwnTracks.
Have same problem :frowning:
Need to reboot every 1-2 days…

I just disabled bluetooth as it was a secondary way of tracking for me. I’m finding asus wrt tracking is reliable enough for my needs.

Check this problem I had, my home network was “broken” and eventually I found it was Bluetooth on my PI3

How about this?

You need to disable the on-board Bluetooth since the board requires the use of the hardware UART (and there’s only one on the Pi3). You do this by following the instructions in the device specific page

Documentation says it concerns Pi2 also.