Raspberri Pi 3 + Hass.io breaking my home Wifi netrork

My setup breaking my home Wifi network, this is screenshot from network monitor on my PC which on same Wifi, currently downloading stuff:

Pi off:

Pi on:

Pi off again:

My setup is Raspberry Pi 3 running Ubuntu Mate, installed Docker-ce which runs only Hassio

Other things connected to this Wifi: 2 PC, 3 Laptop, 3 Phones, PS4, Wifi Lamp, Wifi Gateway, Wifi IR, 2 WIfi Cameras, Wifi Socket, none of these things make interruptions only when Pi is online network breaks

What kind of device tracker are you using?

nmap, every 180 seconds, ill try turning off

I just updated to 68.1 from 68 and now my chromecast and google home are having issues connecting to the wireless but my laptop is working fine. Very strange

After 30 mins it started working again…even stranger.

thanks, you were right it was device tracker but the reason was bluetooth…?

this is configuration.yaml for device tracker:

- platform: bluetooth_tracker
- platform: nmap_tracker
  home_interval: 180
  interval_seconds: 180

when removed nmap section nothing changed but when removed bluetooth it fixed

Interesting that the Bluetooth fixed it.

I used to love NMAP as it worked well for me. However when troubleshooting a separate issue I saw all the traffic it generates.

With the setup you have you are scanning 255 IP addresses on the 100 most commonly used ports every 3 minutes.