Hassio RPi to NUC snapshot will not restore


I’m migrating my Hassio from a Raspberry Pi to an Intel NUC. I installed Ubuntu on the NUC, Docker (and required components), brought up the Hassio image, and was able to login to Hassio. I copied the .tar files from the backup folder on the Raspberry Pi to the backup folder on the NUC, navigated to snapshots and selected “wipe and restore” with everything selected (it was a full snapshot). The connection to Hassio dropped, and then nothing. It never came back up, and nothing was written to the log. Is there something I’m missing in this process?


Being you changed platform, directory structures may change, permissions may change… I would do a manual tar extract on your ubuntu machine and move the files over individually.


Thanks! I’ll give this a try and report back.


I have moved from a hassio on ubuntu to pi based HASSOs install to a VM based HASSOS install with no issues for the core HA restoration.

The restoration can take awhile. How long did you wait?


The link you sent me to goes to a “create a new page” page. I waited about 30 minutes.


Try now, just a description of my history with backup and restore. The key point is that it can take awhile depending on the speed of your hardware. This goes for making a backup (wait long enough that its complete) and restoring.

It takes alot to package and unpackage the tar file and then everything has to be moved and updated and then everything has to restart so all the changes are applied.

I need to do a restore from scratch again and watch my firewall, I assume everything needs to be re-downloaded (add-ons especially) which can take some time depending on your connection.


I swung by the house on my lunch break, and I never stopped the process last night and still nothing. So it ran for about fourteen hours. I really don’t think it’s a paticene issue, as I’ve done restores on my Raspberry Pi before.They take about 10 minutes. With the vastly improved hardware of the NUC, I would think 30 minutes would have been plenty.

Your write up was helpful though! I started to wonder if my issue was the lack of the Z-Wave stick, but you didn’t have yours plugged in until after either. And since you were having issues with the add-ons, maybe I’ll try doing a restore without them and seeing if that’s gumming it up.


Yeah, I think 14 hours is enough.

The z-wave missing will delay startup as its trying to set all that up and can’t, it should also throw alot of errors. The lack of errors in the log tells me that HA never started as it should have gotten some related to not being able to setup the zwave platform.


I think the issue was with the NUC not having the same IP as the RPi. Once I removed the Pi, and gave the NUC the Pi’s IP address, the restores started to work.

Have all kinds of problems with Nest and MQTT now, but at least some progress is being made.