Hassio wrong date and time


my home assistant is showing the wrong date and time. when i login to the cli and type date i get the below output which is incorrect

~ $ date
Sun Jul 4 14:34:10 AEST 2021

I’ve tried changing the date and time but im getting the below error

date: can’t set date: Operation not permitted
Tue Jul 6 01:20:00 AEST 2021

I do have the correct timezone which is Australia/Sydney

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What type of home assistant install?

HA operating system on raspberry pi

Then go to the Supervisor System Page. Click on ‘CHANGE’ next to your IP address in the Host box. Make sure your DNS Server details are correct or use, or then reboot the host.

Thanks for your help changing the dns fixed the issue. Its really weird because the HA has been working for over 2 years with the DNS pointing to pi hole.

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I don’t use pi-hole. Was it updated recently?

Any reason you can find that it would be blocking NTP traffic?

That could be an issue for other devices on your local network too.

No update on the pi hole. But I’ve updated HA last night. I will try to put back the DNS to Pi hole and see if the time change. Thanks for your help much appreciated.

I found the issue. I miss type the ip address on the ACL which allow dns from the pihole to HA.

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