HASSKA not detecting devices

Hi all,

I’m trying to configure Alexa with Hasska. I’ve followed all the instructions from a youtube video, and checked with the (not completed yet) documentation.

When I try from the lambda page, the function is successfully executed, and all the devices are returned, however, when I turn on the skill and link it to my Amazon account, the discovery is run, but no device is returned, and I don’t know why…

Did someone use hasska (mike-grant version, compatible with version 3) and knows why this may happen?

Hass version: 0.82.1 running in docker
SSL cert with letsencrypt
Dynamic DNS with Synology DNS

Can I enable any kind of logging that helps me figure out what’s going on?

Edit: I can see this in logs when I execute the test in lambda, but no when I ask alexa to look for new devices…
2018-12-16 02:41:44 DEBUG (MainThread) [ homeassistant.components.api ] STREAM 140248668589712 FORWARDING <Event alexa_smart_home[L]: request=namespace=Alexa.Discovery, name=Discover, response=namespace=Alexa.Discovery, name=Discover.Response>


Hope this link would help. I didn’t use hasska.


I’ve checked the thread (the issue is different, for me everything seems to be working, but I don’t get the devices found) and the guide, and everything seems OK… but it still doesn’t work.

I’ll keep looking for it…

I’m moving my question to this thread, as seems to be the official one:

that’s not the thread for haaska.

this one is or at least as close as you’ll get for a recent one: