HassKit - An Elegant Home Assistant Control App

Hi guys

I’ve been using Home Assistant for nearly a year, and it’s really a powerful and solid system. However the control app is not really user-friendly, it more suitable for web than phone touch control.

That why I’ve made an app to improve quality of life of Home Assistant users… With the newly created app, we can customize device and control them in a much more pleasant way.

Just download, test and let me know how do you think. The app is really light weight, come with preset demo server and it’s only need 1 minute setup to control your Home Assistant in style.

Thank you.

Detail setup info on our github page:



It would be nice to have some kind of instructions on how/where to install it and how to configure it or even just general usage instructions somewhere…

Or am I missing something?

I agree with @finity it would be nice to have install instruction but from the repo i assume you need to download the apk (if on android) and install it?

I’m sorry the installation guide is on discord channel, I’ll update it soon.

The GitHub page contains a (chuckle-worthy) typo. I’ve highlighted it here:


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And which also appears in the app itself.

Don’t be silly, we all know no one reads the docs :wink:


Nice app! Seems relatively beginner friendly. I might install this on my kids phones. Installed on mine to play with.

Any early-adopters willing to comment on how HassKit differs from existing Android clients like HA Client and Ariela?

I try connecting via http and it won’t connect at all :confused:

Far more basic. You setup rooms (5 come preset) and add buttons (switches and lights), cameras, etc. You have zero control over appearance other than a basic user definable color background for each room. It is precisely what it is designed to be… something very basic for beginners and so far seems to be doing that well

Make sure you are not adding the “http://” to your address. The app adds it for you. I made that mistake when setting it up with my nabu casa address.

Is this configuration performed on each device running HassKit?

In other words, HassKit’s appearance can be customized for each device running it?

That is correct

I watched it but did not get more time to play… seems a bit overwhelmed with the titorial part. >All entites are there and it’s hard to configure though :slight_smile:

Thank guys for taking time download the app and feedback.

I’ve made few improvement to version 1.0.5 mostly on the visual part.

I’ll publish the app on Apple Store too if someone need this.


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Is the github repo gone?

404 for me…

I get a 404 not found when using the iOS app, what am i doing wrong?

404 for me also