HassOS for generic intel/amd hardware

With the ‘generic linux installation’ [On Hold] deprecated, I would like to request a HassOS image for generic intel/amd PC’s. The only image currently available is for Intel Nuc, and is very hardware specific. The installation fails on anything that is not a Intel NUC.

I don’t mind if I have to switch to HassOS, but at the moment it is not possible.

There is some hardware that works with the NUC image.

I have loaded it on a few Dell Optiplex boxes and an HP Prodesk Mini PC. Both work flawlessly.

Some documentation as to what the image is configured to work with hardware wise may be another approach.

The image works with XCY mini PCs too.

tom_i :

This is valuable information: a list of tested NUC hardware clones.

Perhaps there should be a dedicated topic, here on the community forum, where everyone can report hardware that they’ve proven to be compatible with the NUC image. The installation docs can link to it.

Yep the first one was an XCY mini pc - no issue with the image, as stated.

The other one that the image did not work on was a fanless HTPC built around a mini ATX gaming motherboard.