Hassos images not working properly


flashed the latest release of Hassos to a new SD card. Unfortunately my Mac reported, that the drive is not valid and needs to be initialized (which I did not do).

I’ve testet other Images (RPI4 both, PRPI3 32bit) and did nome tests on another Mac, the issue stayed the same.

As another test, I’ve downloaded a Raspian image. With this i‘ve a config volume after flashing.

I assume there is something wrong with the images (i.e. MBR). In all cases I used Etcher for the flashing.

When you have the popup on your Mac at the end of flashing, get the sd card out without clicking anywhere. Should be ok then

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I’ve had the same issues. Used RPi4 3.3 and 3.4 32 and 64 bit images. No serial output or HDMI output. I do, however, get an IP when connected via Ethernet. Weird. How many disk partitions should be on a disk after flashing the image? I’m only seeing 4 show up in Ubuntu.

The SD card might work in a RPI, but there is no way to access the config partition from the Mac. There is definitely something wrong.

This behavior is known and normal. You will see all partitions only on a Linux computer or you need a software like extfs.

See Cannot access - invalid configuration

I can see of course all partitions in an software. My concern was about the config partition which is a FAT partition on i.e. Raspian. But I understand from your text that the config partition is not on FAT.