Hatch Baby Rest+

Anybody integrated to Hatch Baby Rest+ wifi night light? There is a homebridge plugin, here: https://github.com/dgreif/homebridge-hatch-baby-rest that integrates but would love something native to HA.

Just thought I’d stop by to also express interest!

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+1 for me as well

I’d love to see this as well

I would love this as well!

+1 here as well

+1 interested as well

I’ve been looking into this but am new to AWS IoT (which is what the non-Bluetooth Hatch products use). If anyone has experience and can help advise me, let me know.

Not a proper integration but adding homebridge to hass, connecting the Rest+ to that homebridge as a child bridge, and then adding the device via homekit integration offers some functionality. The ability to change the volume and audio tracks seems unavailable.

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Also doesn’t work well with multiple devices, I found…

and then adding the device via homekit integration offers some functionality

any chance you can give some insight on the that? I was able to spin up a homebridge instance (im running homeassistant on docker, so i ended up spinning up a separate homebridge instance), but the hatch is not showing up in homeassiant integrations section.

Has anyone had any luck with this?

ya. i was able to get it working. as said above, its not the most extensive functionality, but it suit my needs. note that this is kinda hacky, as there is no direct interaction between home assistant <-> Rest+, but instead by Home Assistant <-> homebridge <-> Rest.

here’s my steps (note that im running on docker, but should be relatively similar).

  1. have a working HA setup.
  2. spin up homebridge (i used “siwatinc/homebridge_gui_unraid” docker, but i assume ther are others).
    2a. if using that docker, you can add “homebridge-hatch-baby-rest” as one of the plugins in the docker config so it will autoload when laucnhed).
    2b. if not, you can add the “homebridge-hatch-baby-rest” in the plugin section of Homebridge.
  3. in your homebridge config tab (or file), you can edit it as per the docs https://github.com/dgreif/homebridge-hatch-baby-rest#configuration-for-hatch-baby-rest-wifi-night-light-and-rest-mini
  4. restart homebridge docker
  5. you should now be able to see your rest in your homebridge “accessories” tab.
  6. MANDITORY: make sure all your homebridge plugins are up to date. this is a requirement in order to set the “homebridge-hatch-baby-rest” as a “child”.
  7. click the wrench icon on the “homebridge-hatch-baby-rest” plugin and select the “bridge settings”. in the modal, select “HatchBabyRest”. you will need to reboot.
  8. once rebooted. ensure you can still communicate with the rest via homebridge.
  9. finally, back in HA you can go to integrations and then “homekit controller” where your homebridge interface should show up (i had a bugger with this step, and it took a couple of reboots of both homeassistant AND homebridge to get it working).
  10. finally, once your homebridge is added, you should be able to see your Rest+ as one of the devices.

hope that helps!


Helpful! I used this thread to host homebridge with portainer on my HA Blue. It had no issues loading up the plugin and showing up in home assistant. I am going to use a Ikea Trafri remote to control it and toggle between hatch control and room light control

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Not sure if this works with the Rest, but it works with the Rest+ if you use Alexa. What I’ve done that works well enough for us is linked the Hatch+ to Alexa and then made 2 routines, one that turns the sound on and one that turns the sound off.

I then made two scripts in HA that sends the command to Alexa to run those routines. By using the routines as opposed to two Alexa commands to turn on and off the hatch directly through HA as a raw Alexa voice command, Alexa does not reply with ‘Okay’, it just silently turns on and off the Hatch.

I’ve then linked this with a couple automations, one that turns the Hatch off in the morning based on a door magnet sensor, and one that turns it on and slowly dims the lights in the evening, activated with voice.

It’s not really full control and only limited to commands Alexa can use with voice… All without confirmation, but it works for my purposes.


What’s cool is the Rest+ just uses an ESP32-WROVER. https://fccid.io/document.php?id=4620817

I could imagine ESPHome integration but I haven’t the slightest idea how the different sounds are stored and how the time is displayed. etc.

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Great idea with the Alexa Routine. There are lots of things that work with alexa, but not HA.

I was able to setup my Hatch Sleep in Alexa. It’s a bit more limited than the hatch app, but since i only turn it on and off, it’s fine.

From there, I was able to setup HA to call the Routine. I used ESPHome to build a scale that I put under our bassinet. When it detects the extra weight, an automation calls the service to call the alexa routine to turn on the hatch. When the weight goes away, it calls a second service to turn off the Hatch.


I would also love a proper integration for Hatch, specifically Hatch Rest and.Hatch Rest+

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Been using this HACS integration for the past few days with our Hatch Rest+ unit - working great thus far:

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Noticed Hatch released a Rest and Rest+ 2nd gen recently. Has anyone yet tested the gen 2 products with the dahlb/ha_hatch HACS integration?