Having problems installing hass.io on ESXi - failed command: WRITE DMA

I’m trying to install hass.io on an Dell Optiplex ESXi 6.50 host. I’m using haos_ova-6.5.vmdk. I have been following this guide:
Hass.io on VMWare ESXi 6.7 - Step By Step
When I powered up I got a “failed to start grow file system” error, and it results in an endless loop of errors relating to DMA writes:

It is attempting thick provisioning of 115GB for the HDD, but there is only 118GB remaining on the physical storage drive. I don’t see any way of reducing that size in the config.
This is how my config looks:

Any ideas for how I can progress this?

Edit: so I just freed up another 100GB on the physical drive but it’s still failing with endless WRITE DMA failures :0(

I have the same issue. Settings are also the same. I am waiting for the solution :slight_smile:

I had the same issue in VirtualBox. I couldn’t resolve the issue regardless of the setting changes I made. Finally, I removed the VM, deleted the files and started over. I made sure to follow the steps in the Linux - Home Assistant. Previously I completed the command under the note section AFTER I started my VM for the first time. Even running this command afterwards did not resolve the issue. Hope this helps someone.