Hayward Omnilogic?

Hey, just wondering I’ve seen Aqualogic integration here but I have an Omnilogic connected with a wifi bridge and wondering if anyone here has interfaced that with Home Assistant?

Hello and welcome.

You might get more luck if you posted a link to whatever Omnilogic is, and what you have found out about open source implementations of it’s control, and/or any API the manufacturer provides.

Hey Nick, sorry about that. Omnilogic is a pool automation system that Hayward makes and it seems to have some API access according to the link below but I haven’t been able to find a whole lot of information on it. There’s also an Alexa Skill but I haven’t seen much more on this (https://www.amazon.com/Hayward/dp/B074MJGHZ2). I was just wondering if anyone here was familiar with it at all.


I am looking for this too. May need to contact Hayward.

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We are in the process of building a pool and will be using the Hayward OmniLogic system. I would LOVE to see HA integration!

I have an Omnilogic too and would love to see it integrated with HA!

I contacted them and they gave me some documentation. Any developers out there that would like to help out, let me know. I’ve never written a HA integration so would love some help with this.

I’m just getting started, with home assistant, but I’m interested in helping. Can you send me the docs or the contact info for whomever you spoke to at Pentair?

Not sure if this project is still alive, but I have some experience with this platform and can offer some help.

I have the documentation and understand how the communicate with Omnilogic. I have written a few flows in node red that work. However I would love to work with someone who understands how to create a HA integrations and make this more official.


Well not using node red, that is for sure!

Where is this documentation?

You’ve worked with the Omnilogic platform?

Yes, I know how to make all the calls via postman to do pretty much anything with my system. I just have no idea how to put this into an integration in HA.

Does the documentation discuss TLS encryption?

Would it be similar to this? https://github.com/swilson/aqualogic

Aqualogic is another pool controller for Hayward. I wonder how different this integration would be.
I’m also a developer but I’ve never created an HA integration. Wouldn’t mind taking a stab at it but if someone here has more experience, I’m sure they’d make much better headway.

No it’s not simliar. At a glance, the Aqualogic uses an RS-485 protocol. Omnilogic uses http post commands to the cloud server which in turn communicates with the Omnilogic controller. Basically you need to impersonate the Hayward Omnilogic mobile application communications to the cloud server.

I’m not a python developer and will need someone who is. Preferably someone who can write this to post xml and receive responses as xml and parse those.

@Oliver84 are you able to share the documentation?

Hayward only supply under an NDA.

How are we supposed to help with the project then?