Headphone Jack Output?

I’m wondering if we can use the raspberry pi headphone jack for a alarm. Just simple audio feedback through the output. Anyone have suggestions for that? Any help is appreciated!


Can’t start the addon, not sure why but it got a error sign there

Seems it’s a known issue:

Looks like a fix is under-way.

Since the developer moved to docker, and modify is no longer in the Add-on Store, is there a new solution to using the headphone jack?


I’m in the same boat. I have a single raspberry in my living room taking care of all my homeasssistant thing so … I’d like to just plug a speaker on it and get alarms and TTS. Cannot find anything that’s not 2 years old :frowning:

Please keep me posted if you solve it

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A newbie here but I managed to solve it with this (last comment):

After installing the VLC add-on, I’ve added this in my configurations:

  - platform: vlc_telnet
    name: siren
    port: 4212
    password: mypassword

And I had a media player ready for my automations.


cool Thank You - once the VLC becomes part of the main line I will try this!

Has anyone tried this with the official VLC add-on?

@orc.trial got stuck because I could not get the VLC_telnet to work. Mind you, I haven’t tried very hard yet as I am busy sorting out some other stuff.
Still, on the one hand, it seems like a somewhat “overcomplicated” workaround. Then again, if it works then it works.

Hope you have the time to try and get this to work or find a simpler alternative…

Hey Zisis,

Did you manage to get audio file playing through the 3.5mm jack on your pi?

I have a Raspberry Pi4 with home assistant version:

Home Assistant 2023.7.3
Supervisor 2023.07.1
Operating System 10.3
Frontend 20230705.1 - latest

I would highly appreciate if you could help me with specific details on how to set it up, so that I can play mp3 files via the audio jack on the Pi.

PS. I am not a coder, and have very little understanding of it all. I was only able to setup a basic Sonoff based automation to date, but the need is to play specific audio files when specific events are triggered.


Actually, I’ve migrated to RPi4 myself recently and managed to achieve the same thing with the official VLC addon. You should be able to find it in your addons out of the box (instructions here)

The only tricky thing was to make the vlc_telnet to discover the vlc player as there is currently a bug where if it fails the first time then it doesn’t re-discover it, or something similar. Solution here

Hope it helps!

Happy to give more details if necessary.