Heating scheduling with presence detection

Recently, I added Better Thermostat (GitHub - KartoffelToby/better_thermostat: This custom component for Home Assistant will add crucial features to your climate-controlling TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valves) to save you the work of creating automations to make it smart. It combines a room-temperature sensor, window/door sensors, weather forecasts, or an ambient temperature probe to decide when it should call for heat and automatically calibrate your TRVs to fix the imprecise measurements taken in the radiator's vicinity.) on top of my Shelly TRVs. I would like now to automate the heating of the different rooms in function of the presence of different persons, together with a schedule.
Researching on the topic, I found two approaches that could fit the purpose.

  1. Scheduler card and its component. (GitHub - nielsfaber/scheduler-card: HA Lovelace card for control of scheduler entities)
  • nice graphical interface
  • has quite some flexibility
  • could become complex to cover the different scenarios (if, else…)
  1. Advanced Heating Control blueprint (🔥 Advanced Heating Control)
  • seems to cover all the cases with good genericness
  • no GUI (for other household users)
    Do you have any recommendations on this topic?
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You can define an input_number for comfort temperature, timer for party mode, ect. in my blueprtint. This components can be diplayed in your front end.

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Your third option would be schedy inside appdaemon.
It does not have a ui as well, but IMHO programming the schedule is very straight-forward.


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