Heatmiser Neo-hub support, ugly and work in progress

Awesome, thanks.
Found the toggle, turned it on and viola, integration working.
Super annoying they’ve done that.
Will email customer service and request a permenant solution.
Or maybe the integration will keep it open, given it polls for the readings and status all the time.
Wish they’d state when they do updates like this.

Thanks again @a1fred0

Setting can be found in the Heatmiser app.

  1. Settings on the bottom bar
  2. API Access
  3. Toggle Legacy API

See my post below.

I did do an nmap and got nothing so did think the same, that they’d disabled it with an update.
Good reaching out to them though and they were responsive.

Hi @bobsylas I have stopped using homekit and switched to this: GitHub - MindrustUK/Heatmiser-for-home-assistant: Heatmiser Neo-Hub / Neostat support for home-assistant.io

Hi @Jim123 I too am now using [GitHub - MindrustUK/Heatmiser-for-home-assistant: Heatmiser Neo-Hub / Neostat support for home-assistant.io] my stats work fine but my neo plug if switched on by home assistant turns off after 30 mins, if switched on by the heatmiser app home assistant will not turn it off?

@bobsylas Not too sure about that one, I have a neo plug so I’ll test it out and let you know. I’m just using it as a repeater currently.

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just to add

Just to add to this, it cannot be done via the PC app, nor the old Solfex Neo app on Android. I’ve had to install the new “Heatmiser Neo” from the Android appstore to find this option.

Hadn’t realised there was a PC version, or another app, been using the Heatmiser Neo app for 2+ years

Anyone know if there is a “new” API that replaces the “legacy” API we’ve been using all this time? Or is it just a euphemism to say Heatmiser don’t really like exposing their API…

Hi All,

Trying to use this with a Heatmiser Neo hub, I have enabled the legacy API, and added the entries to configuration.yaml:
I don’t get any thermostats or the hub showing up in HA.

Is there something else I need to do?

Hello everyone,

I’m in the UK and I’ve got several NeoStat thermostats (from Heatmiser) in my home. They have been working fine so I decided to purchase the NeoHub. But I cannot get the hub working.

The instructions are simple enough. Ensure your neoHub is connected to your main router and not a switch. Turn on the neoHub and wait for the LINK LED to turn AMBER. Note: NeoHub LINK LED colour: RED = Internal network access. AMBER = Connected to Heatmiser Cloud. If the LED doesn’t go AMBER, this indicates a block on your network in the connection to our Cloud servers.

My situation is exactly as described above. The NeoHub LINK LED flashes red initially (presumably connecting to my router), but then stays solid red (presumably because it can’t connect to the Heatmiser Cloud). However, the instructions from Heatmiser don’t say anything else apart from try switching the NeoHub off and on again. Any thoughts? Thanks for reading.

I had this problem with the Neohub, and it seemed like it may have been due to having a router behind my ISP supplied one, as when I just switched to just the ISP supplied one, after about 30 seconds the amber light came on.

All I want to do now is automate it from Home Assistant.

Hiya, sorry I know going back some way, but just wondering if you ever found a solution to this? My Neo Plug turns itself off ~30 seconds after turning on from Home Assistant, so can’t use Home Assistant to control it at all sadly (though it recognises it, reads states from it etc, and can turn it on / off, but it automatically seems to reset itself to previous state after 30 seconds)

Just raised an issue for this in http://github.com/Mindrust/Heatmiser-for-home-assistant

The latest versions should be installed by HACS and you configure by the UI.

Hi everyone

Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong place.

I’m setting up home assistant for the first time. And setting up home assistant in my new home. I’m incredibly lucky and have got a fair bit of stuff that can be added. I want a supportable implementation so looking at how best to integrate everything.

I see I can add the neohub as either a homekit device or using your integration. Can I ask what the motivation was to create this integration versus using home kit integration? What are the other benefits?

I have 15 thermostats and so far one heatmiser socket.
4 of the thermostats have remote air sensors.

Hi from me too, another new HA user with so much to learn.
Same question from me really, how do you chose one integration over another?
I’ve added this Neo-Hub integration and as it works so well, I’ll probably go no further. Many thanks to those who put in all the effort.

@170bgrd - Replying to your GitHub question which is the same as here - pros and cons of this integration versus adding as homekit device · Issue #120 · MindrustUK/Heatmiser-for-home-assistant · GitHub

Probably best discussing things like this on the community forum than crowd the developers Issues tracker.

The pros and cons - Dont think there’s much of a con but there is a difference in terms of what each integration pulls in for available data from your thermostats… such as floor probe info which is not available in HomeKit integration.

Below is the screenshot of the differences of available data for the same thermostat using each integration. To me what @MindrustUK has done here blows HomeKit out of the water by far.

I guess the biggest con is that you have to be a type of user who likes to tinker and install / manage custom integrations (and deal with possible issues that come up when say Home Assistant introduce a breaking change and developer of the integration just doesn’t have the time to fix it quick enough). If you do not want this problem, then stick to HomeKit as its a one and done (to degree, they do break occasionally also) as its a core integration and all managed within the Home Assistant rolling updates.

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Thank you very helpful indeed. Thank you for taking the time to answer.

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Hi, if I have an Internet outage will home assistant still be able to control the heating and hot water using this system?