Heatpump and HA

I want to install a heatpump system air-air. Mostly for climate cooling in the summer though, but i would like to have a system that can do both.

But, running such a system can be costly in electricity, so i want to integrate it with my Home Assistant, that has sensors for my solar system, that has solar cells, battery pack and inverter.

Also i have a Netatmo system that measures temperature.

Basically i want to set up som If This Then That rules and control the Heatpump this way.

For example…If the battery is atleast 80% full, AND the solar cells produce X kwh more than the house is using, AND the temperature in the house is above 25C.

In that case i want to be able to start the heatpump in cooling mode, and have it run until the temperature gets to, for example 24C

So i have sensors for temperature, battery state, temperature and so on, so all i need is a heatpump with integration so that i can control it via Home Assistant.

Prefereably one where i have a switch / sensor for every option the heatpump has. (I might want to have it do humidity control as well).

Anyone has a tip on what i will need to make this happen…Is there any products that have official support for HA and if not, is what is my best bet…If any, to make this happen ?

What type and mfg of heat pump system? Ductless or Ducted, MFG?

I think it is being referred to as a “mini-split” in the US

Indoor unit and outdoor unit connected with piping.

Have you settled on a Manufacturer?


Sorry for the late reply.

No i have not settled on anything, i don’t care what brand, as long as i just get the features i want.

Oh, and offcourse, that the brand is sold in scandinavia and that it is actually possible to buy the unit (Not out of stock for 18 months and counting :slight_smile: )

Elsewhere i have been recommended to go for a Mitsubishi M series as it has “MelCloud”

The M series with this Melcloud should be fully integrateable with HA, via the NIKO addon according to someone i talked to.

If/When i get a unit, i will try to remember to upgrade this thread to tell if it did the trick.

Did you find a solution?

No i ended up dropping the idea right now, i was very unsure of what would work so decided to wait.

So, tried 10.1 to 10.3 and it still fails…

Right now i have 6 different updates and 2 in hacks, that i can not do because of this problem.

i would definitely go for a midea branded as it can use esphome (without a cloud solution)