Heiman smoke detector with Zigbee - what is possible?

I would like to buy a Heiman smoke detector on Aliexpress because of its design. Than I would like to implement it into my hass io system via deconz (Zigbee). I also want to use the smoke detector as an alarm sensor, with rings if an other Zigbee device (like one from Xiaomi detects something). As far as what I know, not every smoke detector is able to receive signals via Zigbee (the Xiaomi is not able). Does anyone habe a Heiman smoke detector (or an other smoke detector that can be used as an alarm ?

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The Heiman ones here https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/information/supported_devices.html are sensors only (except the siren).

This means that I can use them via Zigbee for alarms triggered by an event or ?

Have you read the page? It describes what each of the heiman devices support in zigbee2mqtt.

The website https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/HS1SA-M.html has no information about the siren, therefore I was wondering why you wrote (except the siren).

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There is a device labelled ‘siren’, which appears t work a such. The other Heiman devices are just sensors.

Does anyone know a smoke detector witch can be additionally used as a siren ?

Could it be this information is wrong?
http://www.heimantech.com/product/89.html indicates also a siren.
Also the instruction manual: http://www.heimantech.com/uploads/2018/01/030813172350.pdf.
I am also looking for a Zigbee compatible smoke detector. Seems harder to find than I thought. Anyone has integrated this specific Zigbee smoke detector?

I have no idea what you are trying to say. I only know what the zigbee2mqtt page says is supported by zigbee2mqtt.

I don’t know what you think the pdf or the web page suggest. All I see is a device that

  1. detects smoke

  2. sends a message via zigbee when it detects smoke

  3. makes a noise when it detects smoke

  4. reports lqi and battery level

What I didn’t see is anything that says you can turn the noise on via zigbee, which is what this thread is about.

If you discover otherwise please let us know, and submit the information via an issue to zigbee2mqtt.

There is a siren that can be turned on via zigbee2mqtt here https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/HS2WD-E.html

OK, now I understood … I misinterpreted this thread. I understood that this was only sensing the smoke, but not sounding an alert, and it should be used to steer another external siren. So I looked for information and shared what I found. Indeed an odd conclusion triggered by a long Internet search.

Anyway Zigbee smoke alarms approved in Europe are difficult to find (See also https://zigbee.blakadder.com/iobroker.html). This type seems to qualify. Indeed a pity you cannot turn off the alert via Zigbee. Thanks for the clarification!

I also have some Heiman Smoke detectors and different Zigbee siren devices.
Of course they can be coupled via HA automation.
Does someone know how to setup a direct binding between those that the siren will be triggered even when HA is down (perhaps the server caused the fire)?

I tried with ZHA and Zigbee2Mqtt without success.

Also solutions with another Coordinator would be acceptable but it should also not fail on coordinator downtime.

With which exact devices did you have success?

Thanks, Daniel

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