Hello complete newbie and I've been stuck trying to find answers for over a day and decided to make an account

I just bought a CanaKit on Amazon with main intent being able to make a kiosk tablet thing to control my home. The kit came with a raspberry pi 4 and all the stuff you need. It had something called NOOBS on the microsd but i got rid of those files and flashed the hassio thing. anyways now I have HA on my homeassistant.local:8123 but I cant access supervisor mode or see it.

I see this instead. The steps I followed were installing HA OS on a rasperry pi. Help would be greatly appreciated.

i see this but i do not see the option to have supervisor mode
im trying to do what this guy did in the video for setting up static IP

btw was i wrong for not loading up NOOBS or some OS to rasperry pi or was my method okay.

I don’t understand what you mean by this. You are looking at the supervisor page.

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Oh I see. It’s under this:

I see it sorry I missed it completely. Thank you!

I think part of your issue was trying to use an older video. The latest version of Home Assistant reorganized the menus.

Do you know where they added the internal and external URLS? I dont see it on my end

Sorry, I just started back in earmest to HA and purposely started with 2121.11.5 that has the old menus.

I wanted to be sure that any errors i encountered were due to my own configuration and not likely new bugs.

Tinkerer answered it here:

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thank you!