Help configure Xiaomi MJDPL01YL Smart RGB Bulb

I can’t even find it, any tip?

Thank you! This has been sitting outside HA for far too long. Good ole pbtech. I brought one too.

Happy to say after changing my server on xiaomi app to German, and installing apk supplied it showed up in yeelight app straight away. Next I used this link to work out how to enable lan.

I then logged onto my router found my ip address followed the lines in this post on my configuration yaml and voila!


I’m curious, after integrating in HA, do you have any effects recognized for the bulb? Or just brightness and color change.

I didn’t check for effects to be honest. For me controlling brightness/colors etc is more than enough :slight_smile:

Way more effects than supplied by the app itself

Is there any way this works on the IOS app, Mi home or Yeelight. I bought 8 and cannot add them to HA.

Usually in the Yeelight app it doesn’t matter the type of bulb you choose, click in one and the app will know and configue what ever you have. But I recommend you to use the Mi Home app to install Xiaomi/Yeelight devices, since you use the same server they will show in both apps. The Xiaomi app have more devices for integration that Yeelight (at least in EU region).

This works great for one bulb. I have two same bulbs, and when I try to add both it only shows one. Any suggestions?

Extremely greatfull for this description. With the russian app I wasn’t finding where to click.


I had to reset my bulb today, and the link for the russian app is no longer working. I tried other versions, but the bulb does not show up.

Do someone have the app and can upload it, please?

I didn’t try the russian app but with version 3.2.34 it used to work for me until last week. Now when I try to login into the app it fails. With the new version of the app, i can log in but can’t find the bulb. I would also give a try to the russian one.

Hi All! I first time here, and i trying add my LED Bulb “MJDPL01YL” in Home Assistant (VirtualBox). Do you know work path?

Who knows: Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Hub (YTC4044GL/ZNDMWG02LM) gateway work with “HA”? and how connected it?

@josepc , @Riceto - What application in “Russian” are we talking about? Android? - MI Home, Yeelight ? (I have some…)

Hi, it was mentioned in here Help configure Xiaomi MJDPL01YL Smart RGB Bulb - #10 by dmisavenko

An update from my side. I manage to get the bulbs working with the latest version of Mi Home app. Just had to use a different main server (in my case Germany). After that Mi Home was able to find the bulbs and connect them to my network. After that, I enable the developer mode (aka. LAN mode) with these guides and after that HA found them automatically: