Help configure Xiaomi MJDPL01YL Smart RGB Bulb


I am new with Home assistant. I have managed to install it and configure it with some magic home leds without problems reading the tutorials and help here.

Now I am trying to integrate a xiaomi smart bulb model MJDPL01YL. I have read this bulb is a Yeelight Color Bulb V2. I have configured it without problem with Xiaomi Home and it works great.

I have also read that other models need to be configured with the yeelight app and must be enabled LAN Control.

I didn’t managed to get it working with the yeelight app. I have resetted the bulb several times without success. So, no show in Home Assistant. I have also tried configuration in configuration.yaml as shown in the tutorials without succeed.

Help will be fully appreciated.


@galgamo did you get anything?

No success.
I even unable to add the lamp to Yeelight app to enable LAN control. Android version doesn’t detect one, iPhone version detects but then fails to rename the lamp with ‘Name is too long’ error.
Is there any known way to enable LAN control for this lamp?

@MiguelAngelLV No. I was not able to control It.

I know there is a way opening It and flashing the eso but I’d rather not do it

Please let me know if you manage to control it in HA

@galgamo what’s the way to flash it is? Do you have any links to instructions?

Tried to connect it like Xiaomi Philips light by getting lamp’s token and configuring through xiaomi_miio integration. No success. Lamp is not autodetected, after specifying the exact IP address it stays unavailable. I think there should be a way to use it through xiaimi_miio, but requires further development.
Yeelight is not an option. There are no plans to support these lamps in Yeelight app as for now.

I was able to connect my MJDPL01YL by using a modded version of Yeelight app. It is modded for Russian language support, and maybe the thing is in its version(3.2.34) , it is older than the current version on GooglePlay. Try to find an older version, or you can try this. The LAN control option is there, but i didn’t tested. Here is a direct link.

UPD: Just got the bulbs working in HA, but had to add them manually.

thanks for answering.
When i try to install the light, the app finds the light but can not install it. the app comes to 50% and then lost the actual connection and tested it 5 times. but I’m very curious how you made these work.

In my case, the original app was not seeing this bulbs at all. When I installed the older version all the lamps were already there. I think this is because I already added them in MiHome, and logined in Yeelight with the same Mi account and region.

Thanks! It works!

Things to do:

  1. Add a bulb to Mi Home app. I used German server for account creation.
  2. Download Yeelight custom apk mentioned above and install.
  3. Log in to Yeelight custom app using the same server and account. You should see there the bulb added to Mi Home.
  4. Enable LAN control as usual for Yeelight apps.
  5. Configure HA with yeelight integration. Example is listed below.
  6. Enjoy!

Finally the problem is solved. Thanks!

      name: ceiling_bulb_4
      model: color2