Help: How to change the frequency of entity status updates

Recently, I found that my entity status updates are all in a cycle of 10 seconds. This slow status update caused a delay in my automation.

Even the status in the overview is refreshed every 10 seconds

You probably need to supply more information.
What entity?
What integration does that entity come from?
What is the automation?

Entity name: light.ce_ shi_ deng_ pao_ light。
The brand is yeelink
Plug in Xiaomi_ miot

实体名称: light.ce_ shi_ deng_ pao_ light。

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Do you mean this custom integration?

If that’s the one then you should direct your question to the author of the custom integration.

The custom integration supports a scan_interval so you might want to try setting that to a value less than 10 seconds. Good luck!

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I saw this code in the official document, but I tried to add my entity to it, but it didn’t work. How should I write this? I’m a novice. Do you have any specific points

# Example configuration.yaml entry to poll your_lights every 10 seconds.
  - platform: your_lights
    scan_interval: 10

scan_interval is meant to be used for integrations that poll lights to get their status.

Which integration (or integrations) areas you using for your lights?

When looking at an integration’s documentation, its “IoT Class” is described in the upper right hand corner of the page. If it indicates “Local Polling” or “Cloud Polling” then it employs polling to get the device’s status (and, in theory, supports the use of scan_interval).

The plug-in is Xiaomi_ MioT ‘, brand’ yeelink ’
Now the polling is 30 seconds. I hope it will be faster

I just set up the automatic discovery device to respond slowly. Through a series of searches, I found that the entity status update was too slow. I accidentally found the option of scanning interval in the official document, but the configuration was invalid. Maybe my code was wrong


- platform: ce_shi_deng_pao_light
  scan_interval: 1

What is the purpose of scanning the light?
Is HA slow to respond to on/off actions?
In that case it’s the integration that needs a faster scan interval.
Lights are not scanned.

Not a platform.

Thank you for your reply. What do I need to do to improve the entity scanning speed

Now the entity status update defaults to 30 seconds. I hope it will be faster. 30 seconds obviously can’t complete my automation

What sort of light is this?

I mean, increase the scanning speed of a device

scan_ How to write interval to improve the scanning speed of the device

I don’t have a yeelight so I can’t comment on that. But it seems the yeelight integration is local polling.
But your light is cloud updated (?).
Possibly because you have a Xiaomi light? Alerts – Home Assistant (

If you force one second scan interval on a cloud based light then they will block you from the API.