Help, I cannot link Tuya to my SMARTLife app

When I try to link my Smartt Life app to Tuya Development, I get the following error;

You cannot scan the QR code to add a device deployed in another data center

I have tried each region seprately, and ALL of them together. None of the region show that an app is linked to that region. And when I try to link to any of the regions, I get the above error.

Running Hassio 2021.11.1 and the latest Tuya intergration on a RPi4 w/SSD

Link your devices to the Tuya app or the Smart Life app. That are the only 2 apps that are supported.

As I explained, I am using the Sweet Life app.

As I explained, vendor specific apps are not supported. You have to change to the Tuya app or the Smart Life app.

Sorry, I miss read/typed the name it is Smart Life,

Added Notes; 1) I tried everything they instructed, in this Thread

None of it worked for my issue
more info, I am tryingI to use the Eastern US region, which is were I live.