Help needed asap

so i have a raspberry pi and want to install home assistant on it and i have a brand new SD card 32gb with nothing on it so do i need etcher still if i do the please tell me an alternatives of etcher because i use a chrome book i have a legion pc gaming but it dose not have a SD card reader so i use my Chromebook instead of my pc

if you do help me god bless you cus i have been searching every where for answers

Even better: How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question

your not helping r u

your not helping r u please actually help me am new

If I knew the answer I might.

I was pointing out that it’s not the best thing to do to continue to post about the same topic over and over again without letting someone who does know have a chance to answer you.

So far you’ve posted the same question 5 times in less than a day.

Have you tried searching for SD card image writing software that is supported by your hardware? I don’t use a Chromebook and have no idea what is supported there. Especially if Etcher doesn’t work.

Please stop making new posts with the same question.

For $7 on amazon, you can buy a sd card reader that you can use with your legion gaming pc:

I found If I have Chrome OS How Do I Use Etcher - #3 by zvin - balenaEtcher - balenaForums which tells that at least some Chromebooks can run balenaEtcher.

They also tell than renaming the .img file of Home Assistant (which you can get by unpacking the .xz file which is like a .zip) so that it ends with .bin, and using the Chromebook recovery tool to write on the SD card may work.

Note that I do not own a Chromebook, so I am not certain any of these will work, nor if the advice is sensible.

thank you so much this rlly worked