Help needed: Running Transmission/qBittorrent add-on crashes the Home Assistant OS almost instantly

Hello everyone,

I have this issue where if I start a torrent add-on and it starts downloading, whole HA crashes soon after. It happens with both the Transmission and qBittorrent add-ons by @alexbelgium, but he does not know how to help me and he cannot replicate the issue on his system. The add-ons used to work flawlessly for me in the past.

If I do not add any torrents for download it seems to hold and not crash. This made me think whether this might be some sort of a power issue under load. I am using the HA Blue hardware (Odroid) and I use an external NVME SSD for the data and the download directory of the torrent add-ons. In addition to the SSD, I use a BT stick, Zigbee stick, and a W-MBUS stick. My hypothesis was that the SSD starts draining a lot of power, the USB gets overloaded and the whole board crashes. But I do not know how to verify this and it would be strange considering the issue was not happening for me in the past. Additionally, I very often put high loads on the SSD through Samba and other things and there are no issues with these use cases. I also tried limiting the number of peers and the download/upload speed to ease the load on SSD, CPU, etc., to see whether it still crashes under low load. My observation is that the slower Transmission runs, the longer it takes to crash HA. But even with very slow download, it is a matter of minutes before whole HA crashes. I assume this is related to file system or networking, but I have no idea what to do now.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone can guide me how to analyze the issue and find the root cause. Thanks a lot!

My system:
Home Assistant Blue / Hardkernel ODROID-N2/N2+
Home Assistant 2023.10.3
Supervisor 2023.10.0
Operating System 11.0
Frontend 20231005.0 - latest

Edit 2023-10-16:
I tried running journalctl -b -1 through debug SSH to see the logs from last boot and there is nothing interesting at the time before the crash happens. I also tried running dmesg -wH and waiting for the crash and also nothing interesting appears.

Once I hade a probem with the file system not supportin the pre allocation option, but it only crashed the addon if I remember correctly

How did you solve it? How would I debug that? It is weird, because it used to work fine for me…

In qbittorrent you can switch it off in the Downloads settings

I just checked and that option is off by default, so I did not have that enabled. HA crashed just a few seconds after I added a torrent and the downloading started.

I am not sure what solved my problem, but Transmission works fine for me in the latest version on up to date Home Assistant OS. I did switch to a different VPN provider, but I would not expect that to make a difference, so it was probably some bug that got solved in one of the updates since I posted this.