Help with color wheel, always return to white

hello every one, im new in home assistant and I have found an issue whit mi dashboard

I flashed a tuya smart bulb with tasmota, set it up properly and works great on tasmota web gui, bue when I add it to Home assistant works only to turn it off and on, when y try to select a color on the color wheel te color cursor returns inmediatly to white and cant pick a color, somebody can guide me to fix this issue?
thanks in advance

Welcome, linkinstg!

I don’t use Tuya, but I had something in mind. Perhaps this will help you.

Already fixed, for anyone with this issue, I turned of the auto discovery feature in tasmota setoption19 0, an edited the config,yalm in home assistant whit a template, also changed the rgbww values with decimal ones with setoption17 1, and worked like a charm