HEOS integration

Hi guys! New to HA, and grateful for the newly added HEOS integration. I successfully added my three speakers, but can’t find a way to link my HEOS account to enable favorites as sources.

I am probably missing something basic, tried to add username/password in my config, but it is not validated. Also nothing in the web help, and log gives a warning that account is not signed in.

Appreciate if anybody could guide me on this feature.

PS! does the integration support playing url directly, for instance a radio url similar to chromecast?


We don’t know how to add username/pwd… Question has been asked to the dev of this component (Denos HEOS support)

Playing a URL directly is not possible yet, but a pull request has been merged already, so should be available in the near future: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/23273

Thanks for you reply Cadish. Then I’ll pay attention for upgrades and/or updated documentation on it, would really be great to have a good integration with HEOS!


I don’t get it. The official Heos component doesn’t support Favorites while it clearly states it does?

The custom component I used before did and it worked great:

See [Denos HEOS support] for telnet solution proposed by @andrewsayre - this worked for me and HA says Heos is logged in.

HEOS is working quite well here except for playlists. I can use this service call:

  "entity_id": "media_player.office",
  "media_content_type": "favorite",
  "media_content_id": "1"

which is playing the correct favorite in the app


  "entity_id": "media_player.office",
  "media_content_type": "playlist",
  "media_content_id": "Awesome Music"

states: Unable to play media: ID Not Valid (2)

Anybody able to use the HEOS playlist? Favorite works.

I have an error: unable to play media: ID not valid (2)

If I change the playlist name (for example from Kids to Kips) I get "unable to play media: invalid playlist “Kips”.

So somehow it is recognizing the playlist Kids but I do not understand what is meant by ID not valid

I’m felling a bit stupid because I also run that telnet command pointed out by @andrewsayre but I still can’t see my heos account in the sources list of the Card in lovelace. I don’t see any error message in the log thus I would expect for the authentication to have ocurred fine. Could you help me understand what am I supposed to see and where?

Hi kitus,

Not long after the posts about the Telnet commands, two services were added to the integration it self to make it easier. I’ve been kicked out of my units a couple of times, and it works very well to go to Developer Tools -> Services and then run the heos.sign_in with your username and password. Use the “Fill example data” first, then change it with your data. Check the logs right after, there you should see if the sign-in was successful or not.

I don’t remember exactly, but I believe I had some issues running the service, if I’m not mistaken I had to use “username” and possibly “password” (i.e. using the " to enclose data). Just play around until it works, and then you should have it working!

Many thanks @tormagj!! One question: if this works what will I see, a new source in the source list right?

That’s right, your favorites should appear in the source list. You can also find the player in the Developer Tools and States, there should be an attribute called source_list that is populated with your favorites.

I’m not 100% sure if the integration takes all “kinds” of favorites, but if you have them in the main favorite overview in HEOS application, they should appear for sure.

Any iOS users? Since my Denon is able to do Airplay 2, I’ve been trying to figure out how to enable this via Home Assistant. Using HA’s dev tools, whenever you use Airplay via iPad/iPhone/Mac, HEOS media_content_id is “Airplay.” I’m obviously able to add additional Airplay 2 speakers via my iPhone/iPad/Mac, but has anyone figured out how to do this via Home Assistant?

I have been having problems with using Lovelace to stop playback of a HEOS Amp. I press the stop button and nothing happens. Volume change does work. This doesn’t happen with the other HEOS devices.

Looking through the debug logs there is nothing in there showing that a stop/pause command has been sent. When I change the volume control, I do get events showing.

Everything is on the latest firmware.

I have the same problem with my HEOS 1 sometimes the stop button works sometimes it doesn’t.
I have resorted to creating a dedicated button in lovelace lacking a better solution:

      - type: button
          action: call-service
          service: media_player.media_stop
            entity_id: media_player.bathroom
        entity: media_player.bathroom
        icon: 'mdi:shower'
        name: Stop

Hi All

I have tried to play some Local Media .MP3 files to my HEOS amp and speakers through the Media Browser. When I do so, I get the following notification:

Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from ( See the log for details.

and this warning in the logs:

Interestingly the Radio Browser and text-to-speech work fine. Any suggestions?

Although the error is from the HTTP integration I suspect it is something to do with HEOS since my other (non-HEOS speakers) can play local media files.


As you are all using HEOS, you might want to upvote this feature request to also add HEOS support to the Music Assistant add-on of Home Assistant. HEOS as Player Provider · music-assistant · Discussion #1167 · GitHub
Currently v2.0 of Music assistant is in beta testing.
HEOS speakers currently only work as a DLNA player which is not ideal.

Just to follow-up on my previous post that there is now a poll on which smart speakers / media players to integrate into Music Assistant. Feel free to vote for HEOS if you’re interested :slight_smile: Player Provider Poll #1 · music-assistant · Discussion #1200 · GitHub