HF Band Conditions

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I was wanting to see if there is any Ham Radio operators that have got hf band propagation?

Here is what I want to do. Right now I have 4 raspberry pi’s in my house. It detects When I am home or away. I have had 100% accuracy so far. So once I get home. The system reads my desktop to see if it is on. It will turn it on. Once I have a good ping from the computer. It turns the monitors on. And turns my radios on (wish I could control the radio with hamlib in home assistant. I am going to put a time from on the radio. So it only activates during a period of time. So anyways, When the radio turns on. I want to read a propagation page. (none in text form). What every is the best band to be on. It will auto change the radio on boot up. To the correct band with he hamlib. I can make a shell script to run that.



Does your preferred propagation advice service have an API (application programming interface)? If not you may have to make a web scrape sensor. It’s not easy for the novice though. I’ve tried and failed.

So here is the web page. http://www.hamqsl.com/solarvhf.php

Where it says HF conditions or VHF conditions. That is the data that I want. I want to be able to make an automation with fair or good. I have never used scrape sensor. I will mess with that.

@riggs498 I’ve put together something recently

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Thank you! this is awesome. It is what I have been looking for. I am working on adding it to my morning briefing. I might also have it feed this information to me when I turn my radio on. My days have been very busy at work. Will try and keep you up to date on what I do.

Hello everyone, I tried to facilitate the use of sensors for radio propagation.
I created a custom component that allows you to quickly have all the information.

You can install it via HACS Let me know your opinions and any suggestions.
Thank you
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