Hi-kumo hitachi AC integrated?

I just found out that Hi Kumo is built on top of the Overkiz platform, which has the same base as Somfy TaHoma. This means that you should be able to use our new custom integration as well.

Could someone give https://github.com/iMicknl/ha-tahoma try? Unzip the folder and place custom_components/tahoma in your custom_components folder. It would be great to understand if Hi Kumo users can benefit from our integration as well.

If you have any feedback, please let me know via PM / GitHub issues. Don’t forget to turn on debug mode (https://github.com/imicknl/ha-tahoma#enable-debug-logging). There is a possibility that we don’t know your devices yet, thus your debug log is very useful at that point.

(And if this works, I would love to see if we can merge your work into our integration. Especially since we are working towards a core integration. )

Hello , I hope you are well

I managed to install the files on the pi in aasivak directory. When I run aasivak i get this error. Any ideas what may be the problem. I guess it is something with the mqtt but I dont know how to fix it. My Mqtt server is running on the same pi home assistant is running. Thank you

Hi Mick ,

It was not possible for me to get the aasivak addon to work after many tries and hours spent. Maybe it is my lack of knowledge but at least I tried :slight_smile:

Do you know how I can use the Tahoma Gateway to control my Hitachi RASM3-VNE Heat pump and then connect it to Home Assistant using your intergration ? I know it can be done (https://service.somfy.com/downloads/master_v4_b2c/9019863fiche_hitachi_0916_eng.pdf) but I can’t find any tutorials to do that. The local dealer has no idea so I am alone. I would appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.

@stavrosso even though the integration is called TaHoma, you can choose ‘Hi-Kumo’ as the platform.

Thank you for the quick response

Do you have a link for any tutorials on how to use this?

Thank you again


I finally installed it using the instructions on your github. Not difficult at all . I now got back two modebus sensors / entities under the Tahoma intergration which seems to be electric consumption for my space heating and the Domestic Hot Water (See Pictures) . It doesn’t give any more info about state or current temperatures of heating or Hot water . i wonder if I should do anything else to get more info from the intergration. Any way thank you again. It was a small step forward :slight_smile:2021-02-01 (1) 2021-02-01

I did sent you a private message, let’s continue there or in the Tahoma Integration Refactored - Share your Projects! / Custom Components - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io) topic.

I don’t want to hijack this topic.

Hi Imick and stavrosso,

have you found a solution?
If yes, Can you explained me what is the solution?
Thank you
best regards

You could give GitHub - iMicknl/ha-tahoma: Custom component for Home Assistant to interact with smart devices via Somfy TaHoma or other OverKiz based API's. a try! However, it could be that your device isn’t supported yet. In that case have a look at the open GitHub issues.

Hi Imick,

fine I have added my Hi-Kumo account to Tahoma add-on in HA.
I have this :
Screenshot 2021-05-18 20.57.23

I how can I managed my Ac?
My AC is hitachi RAK-50RXD.
Added a issue in github : Add support for HitachiAirToAir AC RAK-50RXD. #445
thank you for your help

Hello, a bit late to the party here :slight_smile: Have you managed to integrate your heat pump to HA ?
I also have Yutaki Monoblock RASM with HI-BOX and Hitachi Gateway

Did you try the Overkiz integration?

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Hello Kyriakos,

Yes I am using the Overkiz (by Somfy) Custom component which you can install via HACS.

It works fine , I can control the heating and the hot water by changing the temperature.

The only thing I wasn’t able to do is turn on the hot water via an automation ( if the hot water is on, on the pump wall interface I can control it without any problem , but if it is switched off I can not turn it on via home assistant, i have to physically press the power button to turn it on) .
I posted an issue for this and I hope for some help from the developers.

Please note that there is a somfy integration in the core home assistant but this does not work with the hot water entity so I use the custom component.

i hope that helps

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where does the hi Kumo Module connect on the mirror box or heat pump?, i too have the same heat pump. there are no manuals

much obliged

The Hi-Box connects to the Gateway and the Gateway to the heat pump. I don’t have the connection diagram. The technician connected it during installation.

is the online interface good and easy to use?

Yes , it is good enough. Has some drawbacks but it works. You can use the application called Hi-Kumo which allows you to set the temperature of the Heating and the Hot water. Also you can set timers for both. You can not set 0.5 degrees temp changes from the app but you can from the device control panel (wall unit).

thank you!

Hi, I haven’t been active for a while. Today I discovered the incredible job you made with the Somfy/Overkiz integration, @imick. Kudos. I am going to make some tests and see if my MQTT integration is still relevant.

At first glance, it can find my AC devices and shows a temperature sensor for each (plus an inactive rssi_level sensor each), but does not present them as climate entities and they are not controlable.

You will probably need the ha-tahoma custom component for now, if you are willing to help and test we can migrate it to core as well.

If I am not mistaken, I already have an open PR.