Hide cover art in media players?

We have multiple Sonos players, and when the control panels for each Sonos is shown they all have cover art. This takes up a lot of space. I’m wondering if there is a way to disable the cover art but still keep the meta data (artist/song/ect) showing?


Interesting, I have been trying to figure out the same thing. I wondered if I could reduce the image to a thumbnail or similar. I would like to see all my Sonos in a nice compact group. Any configuration or customisations available?

How do you disable the Album Cover?
I would like to hide the Album Cover because it takes too many space an the Screens. I use the SONOS Media Player

Thank you

I asked about the config options for a user choosing whether or not to show artwork for the MythTV media_player I’m helping develop. @balloob said:

Paulus Schoutsen @balloob 00:37
Customize options for UI are generally very hard to maintain because it means when we build UI we have to check every option. However, since we support media players without cover, I guess having an option that is only server side could work.

That’s what I’m suggesting - a simple boolean in your config. It works fine with my platform, so I think we could decide on a standard and do this for others - I’m happy to contribute.
I called my config option show_artwork: False

What do we think?


Did anything ever come of this? I have a concussion from banging my head against this waste of space and other problems caused by bouncing album art.

You can disable the picture using customize:

      entity_picture: ''

This worked for me. Thanks andrey.