Hide the group card switch

Does anyone know if it is possible to hide the switch that HA creates automatically on top of a group card?


I also want to know, in most cases I don’t want the group switch and have never used it before other than by a mistake

Ditto, would like to be able to do this too?

OK, add me into the group. There are a couple of places it’s useful, but mostly I’d like to hide it too.

Same problem

I would like this also. I have a bunch of “configuration” switches (Detect Motion, Sleeping, etc) grouped together that should NEVER be all turned on/off at once. A simple boolean parameter on a group to hide the group switch would be great.

Where do we officially request/vote on features?

There is a feature request section in these forums; if you post there people in this thread can vote on it.

I have the same problem. I never use the Group switch…It would be great to have an option to hide the switch.

Does anybody knows if there is a formal request of this feature? If not, I can request it and all of us can vote it. :wink:

I would love to hide the group card switch in at least 1 case, possibly several cases too. If there is a feature request for this, it will definitely get my vote.

I know it’s not a great help but I was just looking at the custom panel examples and noticed there is no group switch in the video demo so there must be an easy fix for this:

Add me to the list of people who want an option to disable this.

Since it hadn’t been done yet, I created a feature request for this which you can find here. Please go over there and vote! :wink:

In case someone gets here, use

control: hidden

Thanks @sagilo , added that under my group entry, beside name and entities, work like a charm :+1:

This is an old post but thanks :slight_smile:

Finally I found the correct statement:

show_header_toggle: false


It looks like the control: hidden was a setting that was deprecated when lovelace was introduced (see link).

Unfortunately, the show_header_toggle: false does not work for me and I can’t find another statement or option anywhere. Curious if anyone here has a solution…

I use show_header_toggle: false quite frequently and it works. You may have to share your code to determine the problem.

I have the following group:

  name: Meterstanden
  icon: mdi:gauge
    - sensor.power_consumption_low
    - sensor.power_consumption_high
    - sensor.power_production_low
    - sensor.power_production_high
    - sensor.power_consumption_currently
    - sensor.gas_consumption

But as soon as I add show_header_toggle: false to this group in the groups.yaml I get an error via the notification area of HA telling me that the groups cannot load.

First of all, the page about groups you linked to still says you can use control: hidden for what you want to achieve. There is no word about it being deprecated, nor can I find a PR on Github in which that setting would have been deprecated.

As far as the show_header_toggle: false setting is concerned: you are trying to use this as a setting for a group, which it is not. It is strictly a Lovelace UI setting. You can find examples of it being used here.