High CPU usage after 10 hours

Hi all,
i’m having an issue similar to this https://community.home-assistant.io/t/python3-high-cpu-usage/160012/21

HA runs ok for about 13 hour and then become unresponsive and very very slow.
Htop shows 100+ usage on python3 home assistant but there is a lot of homeassistant process

Tried to disable all the plugins and integrations without success. Default_config is not present in my config.yaml

I runned a py-spy and this is the result:

can anyone help me?

I’m running hassio in docker on a ubuntu server machine hosted in a vmware esxi server.
I’m using hassio in a VLAN IOT but i’m passing the IOT VLAN as untegged one to the ubuntu VM, so only one LAN.

thanks :slight_smile: