Hikvision Doorbell / Videointercom integration

Good evening.
The question is off topic. There is simply a large number of owners of HIKVISION intercoms.
Guys, please tell me if you have such a strange situation.
I have a KV6113-WTE1 calling panel and a KH6320 internal intercom. Calling panel KV6113 is integrated into HOMEASSISTANT with the help of this wonderful HIKVISION DOORBELL integration, thanks to the author for this integration.
Also, the video via RTSP in FRIGATE is forwarded through GO2RTC, everything is configured but it works with oddities, and the video is recorded with sound without interruptions, everything is clear, and if you turn on the sound in the WEB face in the WEB RTC camera card, then it is intermittent, as if it swells every 2 seconds. What’s most interesting is that the speaker icon on the browser tab disappears and appears at the moment of fading. Tell me who this is happening to. Thank you.

Sound problem.

  1. 3 seconds the sound is quiet
  2. 1 second interruption
  3. 1 second burst of noise
  4. The cycle repeats until the FRIGATE integration is rebooted.
    The problem occurs when there are multiple inputs and outputs to the FRIGATE card or WEB RTC Camera card.
    Sound recording in normal mode and with this problem in videos is normal without interruptions.
    A speaker-shaped indicator on a browser tab appears and disappears.
    If you restart the device, the problem does not disappear.
    If you restart HOMEASSISTANT the problem does not disappear.
    If you restart the FRIGATE integration everything becomes normal.
    Device HIKVISION KV6113 doorbell.
    Video is connected via RTSP, sound via API is recorded on FRIGATE.
    Tell me who has this and how to deal with it.
    Thank you.

I think it’s better to make an issue thread on frigate page? Do you also use the frigate add-on? That addon is not necessary, it’s quite cpu hungry, maybe you are having resource issues… You can also test the frigate card as a standalone card without frigate add-on…

Make sure to load the “dev” version of that card, since it’s not official released yet

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Thank you for this! It works great.

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First of all: amazing work!

I’m trying to use it with a Safire SF-VIMOD-CAM-IP (DS-KD8003-IME1) and a SF-VIDISP01W-7WIP (DS-KH6351-WTE1 ?).

I’ve followed your tutorial for Frigate. Works fine, I have audio and video.

Although, when configuring your addon I get a user name or password error, for both the indoor and outdoor units

Any sugestion?

2024-05-24 01:19:07.721 | DEBUG    | config:load_mqtt_config:129 - Loading MQTT configuration from supervisor
2024-05-24 01:19:07.722 | DEBUG    | config:mqtt_config_from_supervisor:36 - Requesting MQTT service configuration to supervisor
2024-05-24 01:19:07.733 | DEBUG    | __main__:main:31 - Importing Hikvision SDK
2024-05-24 01:19:07.735 | INFO     | sdk.utils:loadSDK:44 - Using OS: Linux with architecture: x86_64
2024-05-24 01:19:07.736 | DEBUG    | sdk.utils:loadSDK:57 - Loading library from lib-amd64/libhcnetsdk.so
2024-05-24 01:19:07.748 | DEBUG    | __main__:main:35 - Hikvision SDK loaded
2024-05-24 01:19:07.749 | DEBUG    | sdk.utils:setupSDK:86 - Initializing SDK
loop[2] find 2 mac and 0 ip
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.762][DBG] CCoreGlobalCtrlBase::LoadDSo, HPR_LoadDSo Succ, Path[/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libz.so.1.2.11], hHandleRet[-1211176336]
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.762][INF] The COM:HCCoreBase ver is, 2020_03_05. Async:1.
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.762][INF] The COM:Core ver is, 2021_03_02. Async:1.
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.762][INF] This HCNetSDK ver is Ver 2021_03_02.
2024-05-24 01:19:07.762 | DEBUG    | sdk.utils:setupSDK:100 - SDK initialized
2024-05-24 01:19:07.763 | DEBUG    | doorbell:__init__:51 - Setting up doorbell: Doorbell
2024-05-24 01:19:07.763 | DEBUG    | doorbell:authenticate:59 - Logging into doorbell
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.764][INF] Login dev
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.764][INF] dwTotalNum[2048]
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.764][INF] Private connect sock=135 this=0xb8152c74 cmd=0x10000 port=43036
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.764][INF] LogonDev1 in[]
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.765][DBG] CCoreGlobalCtrlBase::LoadDSo, HPR_LoadDSo Succ, Path[/app/lib-amd64/libcrypto.so], hHandleRet[-1206531328]
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.765][DBG] CCoreGlobalCtrlBase::LoadDSo, HPR_LoadDSo Succ, Path[/app/lib-amd64/libssl.so], hHandleRet[-1206530096]
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.765][INF] SSLTRANSAPI::LoadAPI, libeay, Load Real Path[/app/lib-amd64/libcrypto.so]
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.765][INF] SSLTRANSAPI::LoadAPI, libssl, Load Real Path[/app/lib-amd64/libssl.so]
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.765][INF] SSLTRANSAPI::IsAllAPILoaded, OpenSSL_version Unload
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.765][INF] OpenSSL, Not All Function Loaded!
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.766][INF] SSLTRANSAPI::PrintVersion, SSLeay_version info [OpenSSL 1.0.2t  10 Sep 2019]
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.766][INF] CSSLTrans::SSLCtxInit, dwSSLVersion[0], m_fnClientMethodV23
2024-05-24 01:19:07.868 | ERROR    | __main__:<module>:101 - Error while logging into Doorbell: User name or password error. Error code:1
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.868][ERR] LogonDev1[]
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.868][ERR] []PRO_LoginHikDevice fail[err=1].[0x-0000001,0x-0000001]
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.868][ERR] CMemberMgrBase::AllocIndex2, MemberStart Failed, iIndex[0]
[2024-05-24 01:19:07.877][INF] COM_Logout[-1][1]

80/tcp   open  http
443/tcp  open  https
554/tcp  open  rtsp
8000/tcp open  http-alt

554/tcp  open  rtsp
8000/tcp open  http-alt

Are you using the admin user to login? I have seen the issue once with someone else and it was because of a special character in the password… Maybe try first defining an easy password for the admin user?

Yes, I only have the admin user. Tried the most basic password, but no luck

Range [8-16]. You can use a combination of numbers, letters and special character for your password with at least two kinds of them contained.

Hmm, seems other users are having issues too, maybe that brand is not supported :frowning:

Thats a shame :frowning: I think I’ve found the SDK from the Safire Control Center installation folder, but I’m not sure what to do with them

I know in the Hikvision SDK there is an example tool integrated…