Hikvision Doorbell / Videointercom integration

Thanks for the reply. I’m trying with asterisk but on your tutorial, when configuring asterisk I have to enter IP of the main indoor panel, which I don’t have.

No, mine setup is not based on general sip, you don’t need that…

You need to follow basic asterisk guides and setup ewtensions

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Hi, @pergola.fabio! I’m using the KD8003 unit with button submodule for two different appartements. I also allways get the same response to your request like George. Is there any other way i can help to find out which button was pressed. It would be a great feature to tell if the ringing is meant for one or the other.

No, the only way is to trigger the callstatus on your indoor device when someone pressed the doorbell …

I created those buttons additionally

Thx. I see the button but i dont unterstand, where i will get the polled information.

Hi, the response is populated as an attribute of the button

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Since the status string of CallStatus is “status: ring” and not just “ring”, the "status: " part is somehow interpreted by homeassistant. So the attribute state check for either “ring” or “status: ring” will not work in an automation.

You can use a template for that? Or check on JSON attribute in your automation?