Hikvision setup is not working

I’m trying to use Hikvision integration, but none of my cameras is being added.


  • platform: hikvision

    name: hikvision_home

    ssl: false

    port: 80

    host: 192.168.X.X

    username: !secret hikvision_username

    password: !secret hikvision_password

Please help. Thanks

You’ll need to provide something more than that, there will be logging that should suggest what the issue is.

Have you done this?

In order for the sensors to work the hikvision user must have the ‘Remote: Notify Surveillance Center/Trigger Alarm Output’ permission which can be enabled from the user management section of the web interface. Also the ‘WEB Authentication’ needs to be set to ‘digest/basic’ in the security/authentication section. Ensure this is applied on each individual camera in case of using an NVR.

I have had this for years…

  - platform: hikvision
    host: 192.168........
    username: !secret hikvision_username
    password: !secret hikvision_password

Also the switch for motion detection on/off works.

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I believe I’ve configured those options, how do I verify that I did it right?

Help please



I did a simple google search and found this pictures. I dont have access to the camera at the moment but I remembered that the menus looks something like this.

Not sure how to actually verifying that it works.


I don’t have any Alarm Input No. available to select so I cannot save it.
How do I fix it?

How do I get any info into home assistant if my NVR doesn’t support Alarm input nor output?

You’re giving us so little information to work with, it’s almost impossible to help you without wild guessing. You don’t need any alarm input number. It’s for connecting external alarm contacts to the NVR. Disable all this. Unless this is what you want ? You didn’t tell us.

The important thing to enable for the event type you want to expose to HA is “Notify Surveillance Center”. And of course you’ll need to enable and configure all required events on your camera first. The hikvision integration will then pick up the event types. You may need to restart HA.


I cannot save without selecting Alarm Input…

Because you’re on the alarm input tab… Please explain exactly what you’re trying to achieve here. It’s impossible to help you otherwise. It looks like you specifically want to enable alarm input handling, because you’re absolutely not following the steps both @seagri and myself have been posting. Is enabling alarm inputs what you want to achieve ? Ie. do you have actual hardwired sensors connected to the NVR alarm input connectors and this is what you want HA to see ? Please explain your intentions with this.

I would like to get events from my NVR to my home assistant when something happens.

Define “something happens”. When what happens ?

e.g., motion detected

Then enable motion events. Not alarm inputs.

Thanks, so I do I receive such events to my HA?
I’ve already set the Hikvision camera to share events.

Send us a printscreen of the motion tab. You sent one for the “Alarm input” before…
Also the “Linkage Method” under it.

That should work as far as I know. Then I guess you need to enable logs and see what is going on.

How do I suppose to receive those events in HA?
Where should I set them up?