Hildebrandglow - Smart Meters - SMETS2

It’s back in stock, Mine arrived yesterday.

Has anybody actually reported the issue to Hildebrand.

My only concern is I don’t know how receptive they would be to how we are using their API as they probably want us to by their devices

I haven’t been in touch with them to be honest, I don’t have time to fiddle too much. Their device offers basically real time usage, if I understand correctly. Which is different from the half-hourly updates we get via the DCC. If their API can’t handle half-hourly right, then I’m not sold on their real-time device.

It probably works great for some people, otherwise this thread would be flooded with people with no data. But it doesn’t work for me so I lack the confidence in them to buy their device.

I bought their USB stick device and it works perfectly on the Android APP they support. It has even updated the costs since my current supplier went bust / electricity and Gas rates changed.

So in terms of their official supported product it works like a charm and is very reliable. I can reassure you about that.

In terms of using their API for no cost. Like any business I suspect if no one is buying their hardware then I assume the API will no longer work. So it is worth people considering buying one of their products so you can get real time usage / support the use of the API.

PS thanks for everyone’s contribution on this thread :slight_smile: Lets hope it helps us all reduce some of the impact of our bills rising over the winter. My bill is doubling since my old energy supplier went bust. 11p per KWH for electric to over 20p per KWH.



They offer this API as a service and collect the data from the DCC. It’s not exactly free, we allow them access to our consumption data to use within whatever analytics they run.

As far as I’m aware, it’s the same API service that you use to gst data from the hardware. Hence my reluctance to purchase when the API works poorly for me.

The IHD or CAD connects directly to your smart electric meter via Zigbee and then sends the usage data back to Hildebrand via your home BB connection. The Bright App is also syncronised with the data coming from your meter via the IHD or CAD - the App gets this data back from Hildebrand instead of the DCC.

This data can also be made available to you via their MQTT feed if you ask for it to be enabled.

If you do not have the IHD or CAD then the usual feed is via DCC.

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Some people might find this interesting: https://github.com/scooter1556/glow-mqtt

The application is meant to bridge the Glow MQTT broker with your own local broker and also perform the necessary calculations and conversions so you don’t have to use value templates. There is support for MQTT discovery with Hass if set to ‘true’ in the config.

Currently uses non-secure (1883) Glow broker endpoint
No support for auth or SSL on local broker
Glow REST API → local MQTT not yet supported (you need MQTT access enabled for your account)

I added support for gas meter readings

On a different topic, has anyone got “export” readings to work with the Glow MQTT broker and a SMETS2 meter? I am getting import readings fine but my export readings in the MQTT feed are always ‘0’. Glowmarkt support have told me that export is currently only available in the MQTT feed and that it is on the roadmap to be integrated into the app. It seems other users have been able to get export readings from their SMETS2 meters fine so I am wondering what is required to start this data flowing. Maybe it is a different MPAN despite being a single SMETS2 meter for import and export?

I have made a fork of the HandyHat repro, and would welcome some beta testers, before I create a pull request.

  • Potential bug fix for the reconnection / authentication issue.
  • Added m3 data for Gas as a new sensor
  • Created new sensors to retrieve the tariff data for gas and electricity.

In the famous developer words “it works for me”.
I’m interested in testers to see if it works elsewhere.

Link Updated


You will need to remove the version you have currently installed, then restart HA, then load the forked integration.

The configuration will ask you for the Gas conversion and calorific values. You can find these on your Gas bill. The default values should be OK, but actuals from gas bill will be more accurate.


If I use HACS to install can I use the tariff branch or will it just use the main branch? I’m willing to try it out

Good point @Kallb123, I’m not sure if HACS will work with a branch.
So I have merged the changes into my Main Branch.

Also it looks like HA will be moving to support kWh for GAS in the next version - it’s in the development branch, so may back off the metric changes.

I have finally fixed the reconnection issue after seven days of working.
It should now reconnect both on HASS restart, and “in flight”.
I’ve created a pull request @HandyHat, or you can try my fork, pending the pull being accepted

Just installed your fork and it seems to be working great so far so thank you for doing this! Loving the tariff data as well. I was waiting for the CAD to come back in stock with Hildebrand but maybe I wont bother now…

My only comment is whether the sensor can be changed so that it reports a whole number or two numbers after the decimal place as shown in the attached, not a big deal at all though, this is great.

Thank you for the feedback. Yes rounding the decimal places makes sense, I’ll add it when I get a chance.

Rounding added!


Amazing, thanks!

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@ColinRobbins great plugin, I have the IHD but find your fork to work well.

Just one dumb question, I am on Octopus Go so I get 5 hours at 5.5p for electric - how do I configure this for costs or does that info get pulled from the meter via DDC ?


Anyone else lost all data feeds from API, MQTT and Bright app not showing anything either? Or just me?

Yep. Mine also down (and I only just got it working today too!)

Same here!!