Hire a developer to write automation scripts

Dear community :slight_smile:

I started to play with home assistant more than a year ago. I do not have a programming background and I still find it difficult to write complex automation scripts for my home.
I have managed to connect most of the devices and appliances to HASSIO, but that is the end of the story.
I do not have the time nor the patience to keep writing in YAML and to count spaces… :slight_smile:

I am considering hiring a developer to do the work for me. In the same time, I am concerned with regards the security - passwords, tokens etc. Did any of you have any experience in hiring an external programmer to do the work for you? Did you use websites like freelancer.com, upwork.com, virtualemployee.com etc.? What was your experience and how did you go about it? Do you have any recommendations?

Best regards

There is no need to count spaces if you use a proper text editor. I find Visual Studio Code to be one of the best.

No, I can write my own stuff. It isn’t difficult.

Maybe you should try Node-Red instead.


i would recomment to just ask around here if there are people willing to help you.
a developer wont be cheap, and to get a good working system it will take quite some time and then you want to add some and pay even more.

i think there are enough people here that would help you out. and for sure if you give them some reward.

I agree that creating automations in yaml can be frustrating. I started doing this in the nano-editor but I have moved to VS Code and I’m using GIT and Travis. That has made life much easier.

There are a ton of links to Github-repo’s with HA configs on the forum, I learned a lot from them. Don’t just copy the automations but try to understand them. Watch Bruh on youtube !

It’s funny, I was thinking the same thing. Well sorta. I love playing around with hassio. Admittedly I’m not very good but do enjoy tinkering with it. I considered offering somebody some kind of spiff to help me get everything stable and get some of the coding finished up for me so I can learn by example. I have to say I have been helped and given a lot of different suggestions on here in the kindness of these great members hearts. It is just food for thought.

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Cool. So you’re a Wizz…
Why did you even reply if you had nothing to contribute except “well I can do it”?

It IS difficult if you have no coding background. I don’t even understand the terminology.

What is a Visual Studio Code?? Is it a GUI based code writer like front-page?? Cuz that’s about my speed…

It took the whole of my butt just to get Hassio running. I don’t have the requisite skills to do this on my own…

What is a node red? Do you have to know anything to use it? Because clearly a number of us don’t… Know anything…

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Hi OP, Did you ever end up getting answers? Were you able to find a developer? How did it work out? Does that developer want more work?

Welcome to a conversation from 2 years ago. Wow. What a great way to introduce yourself to the community.

Man. If only there were some way to SEARCH for things on the internet. Like some sort of search engine that could find answers to stupid ass questions.

It’s even covered in the getting started guides…

Google can answer that for you.

If only you had the entirety of the internet at your disposal to do your own research…


With this kind of attitude you will get nowhere!

Stuff like this:

is really disrespectful to people dedicating their free time to help people on this forum and like this no one in here will ever help you.

That is complete nonsense, only the creator of a post can mark a topic as solved, other people can’t.

You are here for a bit more than one day and just spit out some lies and try to make the community look bad. This is not some kind of paid service, this is an open source projecet and most people (except for core developers) sacrifice their free time to help others. If you are not willing to do at least a bit of reasearch for yourself, than Home Assistant is not the right thing for you, go to Control 4 or any other of the big smart home companies, pay them a huge bucket of money and let them do everything for you.


Hey - Great name!

I understand you are frustrated at making progress in home automation.

I don’t know of any paid developers who may help - but if you ask a polite question stating what you are trying to do, the culture in these forums is generally exceptionally constructive.


Cool. Good idea. I will drop this product. As you said, it’s not for me. Apparently you need to be a computer sciences expert to use it.

I like this product (from examples of working systems I have seen in the 14 months I have been reading about it)… I want to support it… I spent more than a year trying to make it run on a pi… I can’t contribute code, I don’t know how to code… I can’t contribute with solutions as I have none… I can’t contribute time as mine is already stretched thin… I can however contribute money to a developer… And I can contribute by using the product and thereby exposing the product to even more people…

14 months is too long to be where I am at. It is too complicated for me. I am too simple. I am done trying to do it myself. I am at the point of wanting to just throw cash at it. Hence my attraction to the OP…

Attitude like yours will ensure people like me just continue to be frustrated until we give up and go buy the Google or Amazon product… I’m sure that will help grow this community… And the product… Way better idea than using that FreeTime you are “sacrificing” to build this product, to instead make some money off me making it PaidTime, and further promote the product you are “dedicating” yourself to… nah, better off to just tell me to go elsewhere… this is why open source projects ultimately fail in the end.

Do you think you are the only busy person on this planet?

This is not how open source works! If you have so much money, why don’t you throw your money at one of the big home automation companies? Then 1 year later, you’ll come back here because they don’t support feature X that you would like to have…

Except that Google or Amazon product are not the same kind of product as home assistant and people are even using Google or Amazon products together with Home Assistant, because they lack a lot of features that Home Assistant provides. And with an attitude of saying that everyone here is a “dorito-eating, basement-dwelling nerd”, you think anyone is willing to help you?

I’m no coder, I’m not building this product, I’m just here to help people on the forum.

There’s no sign of it failing, it’s one of the biggest open source projects in existence and it’s growing every day.


Burning, please leave this alone.
The only thing that stands out for me is May '18 <> May 2018 ???

We seriously have nothing to help this guy with, it’s not his fault and it’s not ours, we simply don’t overlap.
But… We have all sorts of people here, Lawers, medics, electrical engineers, disabled hobbyists, accountants etc. We are not troglodytes living in a cave, dimly lit by a computer screen.
He needs a commercial solution and we can’t offer that.


I am nearly 40 years old, I work a full time job managing a team, run a business on the side, and have a wife and teenager to manage, along with a house which I bought with my own hard earned money. So if you think I live in my mother’s basement, you’re mental.

That’s not what I said at all in my response either. Apparently, you need to work on your reading skills. I answered a simple question of “DID ANY OF YOU HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE IN HIRING AN EXTERNAL PROGRAMMER TO DO THE WORK FOR YOU?”. That answer was no, I write my own automations. Pretty simple to comprehend that sentence really, along with the context.

Except the OP is the only one that can mark it as solved…sooo…

You asked what Visual Studio Code was…it’s literally in the getting started guide as a recommended TEXT EDITOR, which oddly enough, I even added the context of “THIS IS MY FAVORITE TEXT EDITOR”. But hey, you seem to be able to only read what you want.

Then buy a commercial product. Home Assistant is clearly NOT for you.

You came into this thread that is 2 years old (HINT: “May 18” stands for May 2018), and decided to pick a comment of mine to somehow try to dissect, as if I had done some unspeakable thing like ANSWER THE OP’S QUESTION. YOU attacked me for no reason, other than to act like an asshole. I dedicate a lot of my free time to these forums. If you don’t like something I say, move the F**K along and leave it be. You had nothing to add to the conversation other than “I DON’T LIKE HOW I READ YOUR COMMENT”.


I’m right with @flamingm0e (and @Burningstone and @Mutt) on this.
@Cantevenprogrammyvcr has had more responses already than I think he deserves.

But in the interests of fairness and free speech I don’t think it is right that his post was flagged and hidden awaiting moderation.

Just sayin’

I agree that flagging posts should be a last resort.
I read it and I thought it naive, hardly offensive.

I flagged it, as I found this too disrepectful

If only I had the time and energy to sit behind a keyboard for days on end, in my mother’s basement with nothing to do but eat Doritos and play around in cyberspace messing with noobs in forums

Maybe it was a bit too harsh from my side.

I flagged it too as I found it disrespectful as well.

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This is just my thoughts on “Hiring a developer”

These devices need to be integrated into a home, they need to be installed safely and so needs a ‘competent’ person. ‘Competent’ is a legal definition. If I hire someone and they mess it up what comeback do I have ? What recourse do I have if their actions burn the house down or even kill someone ? Assuming the guy I get has professional insurance and I trust him to complete the work. He must be close to my home to undertake the work.
He must visit the house and meet with me to discuss what I want doing, what sort of platforms he suggests and i will accept (do I even know enough to argue against anything ?) and what software platforms he wants it undertaken in (I don’t want nodered or appdaemon or I don’t want yaml, whatever !)
Next, can we install theses devices in the necessary locations? Are there neutrals in place ?
Is the client able to spend 2 or 3 days undertaking this level of survey ?
What sort of automations do you need ? Lights, heating, occupancy, audio-visual, seasonal.?
You then need a list of products to be purchased.
How long will that take ?
Who will install it.?
So far the developer has spent a week on this and the client about 4 full days.
Now the ‘bits’ have arrived.
So then the installation starts, things require a bit of house bashing here and a new cable there. Don’t worry about making good the client will employ a decorator when it’s finished. So that takes another week.
Everything’s in and coding can start.
Devices and sensors get named first maybe 3 days.? Is the client happy with the naming ? Well tough he wasn’t there when it got done so live with it.
So basic coding complete and he has lights on a profile, he has heating on occupancy and a profile.
And that took another week.
Based on the insurance, the time and the fact that the guy had to take 3 weeks off work, draw up bills of materials, do some house bashing then you are looking at $10k to $12k minimum probably $15k plus parts / materials.
Then you find you are not happy with the light timings, or you want the heating to come on when you leave the office or when you are 5 miles from home, Or you need the driveway lights to come on when you are a mile from home. Do you leave the guy with remote access? Do you even know how to turn it off?
No, I didn’t want a basic front end I wanted a fancy one, a bit like this example but with photos of my actual house, and I’d like a green tint not a red one and it needs to fade to purple later in the day.
Should the client write a URS (user requirements specification)? If not can the developer just turn the house into an appliance controlled from a tablet as a remote control, then walk away :+1:

Thinking further … I didn’t know anything about hue or tradfri so I let them be specified and now i need to pay the “developer” $500 just to come back and change a light bulb. Oh … and he’s on holiday this week so I’ll need to wait til next Tuesday

This is a nightmare.!

What else can go wrong ? I encourage you to add to the possible tales of woe !!! :rofl:


Mostly folks have managed to keep this civil, the emphasis on mostly. Can we keep it that way please.

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