History Graphs - odd behaviour since latest release 2023.3.1

I am seeing the same graph data for multiple unrelated sensors. Examples :


Anyone else seeing this behaviour?

I also received completely weird values after the upgrade (like binary sensor give random values instead of 0 or 1). May be link to DB schema changes (where I saw also sql error in logs), I don’t know but the solution for me was:
call Purge recorder service and purge all → nok, still weird stuff
shutdown the hostdown (I know seems weird but it’s my routine in case of) → Now all datas seems good. (I’m still searching if still issue but till now, all are ok)


I tried the reboot and now my graphs appear to showing correctly. I will keep an eye on it!

I get strange graphs too. My occupancy sensor (“home”) which is always 0,1 or 2 gives graph values between -4 and +6 - and not just integers. It will show -3.3 people for example.

Other sensors give similar bizarre history graphs.

I’ll try the reboot and see what happens, but I’m skeptical because if this is related to 2023.3.1 - I’ve restarted and rebooted a couple times since - but I will try. I currently on 3.3

I had this problem with 2023.3.3
I upgraded to 3.6 (so a restart but not a reboot) and the problem seems to have gone away. I will monitor.