Hlep with Rain Sensor calibration?

Can anyone help me please, i’m trying to calibrate my rain sensor but just seems to always read out.

I came up with a multiplier of 10. But it still seems to be incorrect. On the gauge is written M0.2 so i’m assuming this mean 0.2mm per tip.

I’m not sure how to work out what the multiplier should be.


The multiplier is going to be 0.2

Every tip is 0.2mm therefore number_of_tips * 0.2 = total rain.

Here’s’ an example triggered template sensor:

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Ah awesome that makes sense. Thank you!

Any idea how I can add a Hourly Rain calculation? I want to measure hourly rain fall?

Thanks Tom!

I use Utility meter

There is quite a bit to follow here

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Is there a way to actually test the rain sensor against a known good source? Like a cup…catch rain or something simple like that?

I’m trying to base it off online reports of rain in my area but they seem wrong and they only seem to update every 1 or possibly even more which makes it really hard. It can pour down solid for 1 hour and they will read 0.2 online while my weather station is reading like 6 - 7mm of rainfall.