HLK-LD2450 vs HLK-2410C ceiling mount

I use the HLK-LD2410C in a ceiling mounted case (recessed) and it works fine… I thought I’d test out the HLK-LD2450 mounted to the ceiling noting that the manual only mentions wall mounting :wink:

It detects presence a bit quicker than the LD2410C (both going from “clear” to “presence” as well as going from “presence” to “clear” when leaving the room), however the range is very limited (around 2m distance).

The LD2410C has a much better detection range both for still and movement.

That is very much in line with the manual, but I thought I’d give it a real-world test…

I’m looking to replace some of my ld2410c sensors with the new ld2412, because of the increased range and detection speed.

That’s cool… Didn’t know about the ld2412… Just ordered one…

Do you have any pointers how this can be integrated into esphome yet?

Not yet, but @screek-workshop seems to be playing around with it, so hopefully they’ll share some code at some point.


Looking forward to your update. Just ordered a few off AliExpress. Probably be a couple weeks until I get them but …so much cheaper than Amazon lol. $3.19 per…for just the sensor (without dev board).
Hoping they are a bit more compatible with the D1 Mini 8266s. Love them for things like temp sensors and WLED. Nice and small.

Hi Daniel,

I got it to work via a custom component. See HLK-LD2412 sensor ESPHome support - ESPHome - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

Works pretty well for me, but I have just started testing properly…