Home assistance and hyper-v

is it possible to run this in hyper-v

I downloaded the vhdx, but i just get a blank screen and flashing cursor am I missing some thing?

or is thare a install iso i can use?

Yes you can, i did that before. there are some manuals to find on this forum.

Most important is to uncheck secure boot

see here:

Which version of Hyper-V do you run?
The Secure Boot is somehow buggy in Config Version 8

latest version

Hyper-V Manager

Microsoft Corporation

Version: 6.3.9600.16384

This is only the Client. Check this:

I am running in esxi now due to the lack of usb passthrough on hyperv… deleted the vm but it worked well for about 4 months.

Typical I used generation 1 and i did not know about the secure boot have changed both and it now appears to be installing


  1. please mark the solution
  2. the VM generation has nothing to do with the configuration version
    Due to a bug in config v8.x the secure boot flag is only configurable through powershell.

sorry no idea what you are taking about