Home Assistant Add-on: Homebridge

Inspired by Home Assistant Add-on: ADS-B Multi-Portal Feeder (Flightradar24 and FlightAware), I’ve put together a basic add-on that wraps Homebridge in the same fashion, leveraging the preexisting Docker Homebridge image.


Good job!

No homebridge knowledge here, but just by looking at the code I have 2 mentions:

  1. should you provide a space for persistent storage? Original Dockerfiile creator mentioned to use /homebridge as a volume mount.
    You could archive this easily via simlinking /homebridge -> /data, see https://github.com/MaxWinterstein/homeassistant-addons/blob/f3c26a4a5413084c6081f44a9e0f5eb4699d76b0/eufy-ha-mqtt-bridge/run.sh#L6 for more

  2. does this really work without the host_network parameter?

Thanks! Good call on the persistent storage, I think I definitely need to add it to make the add-on survive upgrades. Regarding host_network, it works fine here without it, but I’m also only really using Homebridge for the nest and nest-cam plugins, which are all cloud based. It’s possible that other plugins/devices might need it, but I don’t have any actual Apple device to test with and confirm.

Ok this turned out to be harder than expected as docker-homebridge does quite a bit of setup on startup that hardcodes the original path all over, and I couldn’t just replace /homebridge with a symlink due to it being declared as a volume. Some judicious sed in the Dockerfile seems to have done the trick though, and persistent storage should now work fine as of 0.1.2.

You should probably move this topic to the Homebridge category.

Unfortunately it appears this add-on has been abandoned. @davide125 if you’re still around, there’s a new version of Homebridge out that needs a newer version of NodeJS, which currently doesn’t survive the container being restarted.

I’m very grateful that you released this add-on in the first place. I hope you can find some time to update it. I’m currently traveling, but after I return, I will probably look into forking this - but I’m far less knowledgeable than you are about HASS add-ons

Not abandoned, I just haven’t had a chance to learn the new vscode-based addon development stuff and setup a system to get this updated and tested. Happy to take a PR if you had a chance to look into this already, otherwise I will try and find some time in coming weeks.

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I’ve just published a new version of this that updates it to the latest Homebridge.