Home Assistant Add-on: Homebridge

Inspired by Home Assistant Add-on: ADS-B Multi-Portal Feeder (Flightradar24 and FlightAware), I’ve put together a basic add-on that wraps Homebridge in the same fashion, leveraging the preexisting Docker Homebridge image.

Good job!

No homebridge knowledge here, but just by looking at the code I have 2 mentions:

  1. should you provide a space for persistent storage? Original Dockerfiile creator mentioned to use /homebridge as a volume mount.
    You could archive this easily via simlinking /homebridge -> /data, see https://github.com/MaxWinterstein/homeassistant-addons/blob/f3c26a4a5413084c6081f44a9e0f5eb4699d76b0/eufy-ha-mqtt-bridge/run.sh#L6 for more

  2. does this really work without the host_network parameter?

Thanks! Good call on the persistent storage, I think I definitely need to add it to make the add-on survive upgrades. Regarding host_network, it works fine here without it, but I’m also only really using Homebridge for the nest and nest-cam plugins, which are all cloud based. It’s possible that other plugins/devices might need it, but I don’t have any actual Apple device to test with and confirm.

Ok this turned out to be harder than expected as docker-homebridge does quite a bit of setup on startup that hardcodes the original path all over, and I couldn’t just replace /homebridge with a symlink due to it being declared as a volume. Some judicious sed in the Dockerfile seems to have done the trick though, and persistent storage should now work fine as of 0.1.2.