Home Assistant Add-on: PSA Car Controller

I create an app to control and get info from PSA car (Peugeot, Opel, Citroën, DS, Vauxhall).
The app have an API, and a dashboard.
I also create an hassio addons for this app, so it can be easily install on a home assistant server.
You can find more information on the addons here and on this app here.



Looks like a great work you have been doing here. Thanks for it.

I am trying your addon, but I am facing an issue with the OTP configuration. I am not getting any SMS, so I am not sure how to proceed with it.

Could you try to help on this?



I have updated the Addon to version 2.5.2 and it gets stuck and there’s no way to get it started. The process dies just after starting the container.

I got back to v2.5.1 and now I am not even able to get to the SMS check.

Here is what I am getting:

Hope you can help

Hi, same issue here.

I’ve commented over the issue directly on github, on this link https://github.com/flobz/psa_car_controller/issues/252#issue-1028007430

Thanks in advance.

installing went good, loging in went good,
but after 24h there is still no data in the tab,

also when I try to acces the web page as mentioned in the config it does nothing (i can see it has my vind and car model in the log this works)

when i reboot i also see it starts at

any advice?

I also see this in the logs so that part seems ok?
2021-11-20 18:14:17,171 :: INFO :: mqtt msg received: psa/RemoteServices/events/MPHRTServices/xxxxxxxxxxb’{“date”:“2021-11-20T17:14:13Z”,“etat_res_elec”:0,“precond_state”:{“available”:1,“programs”:{“program1”:{“hour”:34,“minute”:7,“on”:0,“day”:[0,0,0,0,0,0,0]},“program2”:{“hour”:34,“minute”:7,“on”:0,“day”:[0,0,0,0,0,0,0]},“program3”:{“hour”:34,“minute”:7,“on”:0,“day”:[0,0,0,0,0,0,0]},“program4”:{“hour”:34,“minute”:7,“on”:0,“day”:[0,0,0,0,0,0,0]}},“asap”:0,“status”:0},“charging_state”:{“program”:{“hour”:0,“minute”:1},“available”:1,“remaining_time”:630,“rate”:6,“cable_detected”:0,“soc_batt”:20,“autonomy_zev”:44,“type”:0,“hmi_state”:1,“mode”:0},“stolen_state”:0,“vin”:“xxxxxxxxxx”,“reason”:4,“signal_quality”:3,“sev_stop_date”:“2021-11-20T15:29:09Z”,“fds”:

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I just added this to my HA but have a few questions, I’m not sure if I have missed some step of installation?

I added the repository and installed the supervisor add on without an issue. I opened the web interface and was able to provide my Vauxhall account details, entered the OTP sent to my phone, and everything appeared to go through okay.

The web interface now shows placeholder graphs similar to the ones shown in the original post, but with no data.

Is there some additional step required to get this part working?

Many thanks.


The supervisor logs take a while to load, but looks like something is happening:

2021-11-23 08:44:36,748 :: INFO :: mqtt msg received: psa/RemoteServices/events/MPHRTServices/xxx b'{"date":"2021-11-23T08:44:31Z","etat_res_elec":0,"precond_state":{"available":1,"programs":{"program1":{"hour":34,"minute":7,"on":0,"day":[0,0,0,0,0,0,0]},"program2":{"hour":34,"minute":7,"on":0,"day":[0,0,0,0,0,0,0]},"program3":{"hour":34,"minute":7,"on":0,"day":[0,0,0,0,0,0,0]},"program4":{"hour":34,"minute":7,"on":0,"day":[0,0,0,0,0,0,0]}},"asap":1,"status":1,"aff":1},"charging_state":{"program":{"hour":0,"minute":0},"available":1,"remaining_time":0,"rate":0,"cable_detected":0,"soc_batt":99,"autonomy_zev":304,"type":0,"aff":1,"hmi_state":4,"mode":0},"stolen_state":0,"vin":"xxx","reason":3,"signal_quality":4,"sev_stop_date":"2021-11-22T20:57:57Z","fds":["NDR01","NAE01","NBM01","NCG01","NAO01","NAS01"],"sev_state":0,"obj_counter":7,"privacy_customer":0,"privacy_applicable":0,"privacy_applicable_max":2,"superlock_state":0}'

I think I am seeing the same thing as @jeroenvdd. There is an open issue on GitHub: Add-on loading some data, but gui seems incomplete / standalone webpage not reachable · Issue #278 · flobz/psa_car_controller · GitHub